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    Samsung NC10 UK revision

    ahh, i've been there in the past, but i thougt the forum was down... u can see the threads when u're logged in THX!
  2. zombi27

    Samsung NC10 UK revision

    hey, i wanna install osx on my nc10. i read a lot of stuff and now i wanted to download all the files, but the link to "bike town" is down and in the rs downloadsection are so many files, they are not described in the Samsung_NC10_Guide_v2.pdf? so what do i have to do? thanks and greets from germany max
  3. zombi27

    Samsung NC10 UK revision

    hello, i've got my touchscreen kit from the postman 10 minutes ago... At first a big thank you for the grat installation guide! My problem is that i have no CD with this test program to calibrate the display can anyone upload this for me? Thanks Greetings from germany Max edit: the company had the driver and everyting on their homepage... now i got everything and it's working fine! Thanks!!!