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  1. "Think or Drink" my new iOS app

    So that's pretty much it guys, i'm really excited about this because after lots of years of fighting with my hackint0sh i bought a real mac and now i'm starting my little 1-man company to develop iOS apps. The app was released a few days ago and it's called "think or drink". It's a drinking game and it only costs $0.99. Here are some screenshots of the app. i was planning to give away a few promo codes so you can get it for free inside the forums and to the people that helps me make some noise what do you think about it?
  2. Compaq Presario F706LA

    i've searched for days.. i know that's a "must be done" stuff.. but thanks for the reply
  3. Compaq Presario F706LA

    thank you guys..
  4. Compaq Presario F706LA

  5. my little brother has a Compaq Presario F706LA (GW457LA) and it came with vista so i tried to install OS X with no luck using kalyway.. today i tried to do it with Leo4all V3 and i got lucky using -v Now i'm on the OS but the Wireless card, Ethernet, Built in keboard, touchpad, graphics doesn't work.. Chipset: NForce something Video: NVidia Geforce Go 6150 Wireless: still cant find model but i now it's broadcom keyboard, touchpad: no idea Sound: works battery info: work i'm using a USB Apple Keyboard and it works fine. I have been looking all over the internet for solution but still no luck. please guys.. i own a macbook so i forgot a little bit how to do this stuff. If someone gives me real help: change resolution from 1024x768 to 1280x800, wireless working, builtin keyboard and touchpad, he doesn't need QE/XX working.. i'll pay trough PayPal good money. Thanks!!!!! and sorry about my english
  6. in my hole life i've used this OS: Windows 3.11 Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows 98SE Mandrake Windows ME Windows XP/Ubuntu Windows XP/OSX86 10.4.6 OSX86 10.4.8 And now i have a real MacBook with 10.5.2 Once you go Mac, you never go back lol
  7. 9a559 on white macbook

    thanks for your replys folks!
  8. cannot make partition

    thanks, i've already downloaded them.. i have to get a dual layer dvd now LOL.. here in Chile we have some Mac Stores.. Mac Online.. Global Mac... etc.. etc.. but they charge US$250 for Tiger!! it's too much.. Thanks dude
  9. 9a559 on white macbook

    Hi guys, i'm now downloading 9a559 and i wanted to know if it had the intel gma 950 video driver.. last build i installed (9a466) didn't have them and runned awfull.. i did a 2GB ram upgrade so i hope it runs well Cheers!
  10. cannot make partition

    i can't reinstall tiger, apple shipped corrupted discs with my macbook (i'm in chile, so nothing can be done), and i don't have an external hard drive or ipod to install from.. please, any ideas??
  11. cannot make partition

    same issue here!!! i cant make the partition, i did an idefrag trying to fix it but nothing.. help please
  12. i had enough from my macbook.. i'm sick of it, it has 4 months and it has more troubles than my old P4 windows xp PC.. here i paid almost us$1800 for a 1.83GHz Core 2 Duo white macbook.. first, i had a hdd issue.. (replaced) then my tiger dvds where corrupted (had to get them from the green demon because MacStore wouldn't gave me new discs).. then i had troubles with the combodrive (replaced) and now!! i'm having issues with the fu***** battery.. it is completly dead!!!!! my macbook has became a desktop mac.. i'm really pist off with those damn guys from apple.. anyway.. maybe its just me.. by the way... in october i'm getting an iphone
  13. after installing the 3 updates today (itunes, security and airport) my battery died, when i press the button to check the charge it shows 3 green dots, but the only way i can turn it on is by connecting the ac adapter.. i tried the pmu and the smc things.. but nothing.. is this happening to anyone else?? i dont think that my battery is dead... because it shows me the charge presing the button but.. i dont know.. help please...
  14. a favor guys

  15. a favor guys

    if someone outhere has an iPhone, Could you please take a picture of it browsing http://www.quierouniphone.net/ thanks so much guys!