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  1. NEED Help booting from HD on 10.6

    This is somewhat related, as I am getting the exact same text that the OP had (ending with Patching kernel mach_kernel) The problem is I cannot even get into the installer to attempt an install. I am on an HP mini 210-1079CA netbook, I have setup the usb drive with the Snow Leopard image, and ran Netbookbootmaker and restored the OSinstall.pkg file as the tutorials say. I put the USB in the HP and boot, press F9, choose the USB drive. If I allow Darwin countdown, I get to a grey screen that does nothing. If I interrupt the countdown, I get a grey screen with the available drives, and the option to boot in verbose, single user, etc... I pick verbose and that is when I receive the mach_kernel message. Any ideas? I have followed the various guides with no luck of ever even getting into the installer. I have tried installing iAtkos v7 as well, but could not get into the installer either, which is discouraging, because it does not seem to be just something wrong with a single method. Any help appreciated.
  2. Snow Leopard 10.6 Retail on HP Mini 1000

    I am trying to do a SL install on my gf's HP mini 210-1079CA and I have followed the methods using USB drive and mounting the SL install image to it and patching with Netbookbootmaker .83, restoring the OSinstall.pkg and I also put the VoodooHPA in I can't get very far once I'm on the HP though. I hit F9 and select the USB drive, and interupt the darwin countdown which brings me to a screen with the boot drives. I hit the down arrow and can select from verbose, single user, etc.. if i boot in verbose i get a grey screen with some Loading HFS+ file messages but a few lines down it just says 'patching kernel mach_kernel' Am I supposed to put in a modded kernel for atom processor or something? I'm not sure what I am doing wrong here, any insight would be helpful.