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  1. DVD Burner on Windows PC

    If I am not mistaken the newest version of UltraISO will burn the DMG to ISO format, and even convert it as well. I will be attempting this in less than an hour, and I will let you know what happens.
  2. Leopard Installation Method

    If you are trying to burn the DMG in XP it is a simple task of downloading and installing Transmac. (Google it) This will allow you to edit, and burn DMGs in Windows. Thanks,

    Ok dumb me. But I have been working on this for sometime, and I have not posted any results so first off I apologize. Latitude D820: T2300 Duo Core - 1.66GHz 2GB 667Mhz bus RAM 256MB NVidia GeForce Go7400 (120M) 60 GB Sata 5400 RPM HDD 1280x800 max resolution (restricted by the LCD (Blah)) Broadcom 5751 NetExtreme (online) Dell 1390 MiniWireless (online) Bluetooth 350 Module (online) This machine rocks. As of right now I have no complaints. I have the following software installed and running: Gmail Notifier Firefox TextWrangler Office 2000 Wine MySQL Cisco VPN Client MSN Messenger Yahoo Just to name a few. I will be running Xbench and results shortly. MarineCorps97

    I just got it in. And I am installing OSX86 10.4.6 on it right now. Dell Latitude D820 T2300 Duo 128 MB nVidia 110M 1GB RAM 60GB HDD (5400 RPM) 1390 Wireless 350 Bluetooth DVD +-RW Dual Layer 15.4 Display I will repost the results when i get it done. So far install is working nicely. Marine
  5. I logged into Dell's Site and see this now as well. However, the latest news from Dell is they are not going to use the Intel Chips anylonger. They are going to AMD chips. So I am not thinking that they will ever actually have MAC boxes in there line up. Marine
  6. Tested Applications, Games, etc.

    Well here is my list so far: Camino 1.0 works perfect Cisco VPN Client 4.9 (workes hard wired, not on wireless ?????) Microsoft Office 2004 MSN Messenger 5.0 iTunes Stuff IT 10.0 Deluxe iLife '06 iWork '06
  7. Windows Vista, Build 5308 Released - "Feature Complete"

    Booting Vista on a MAC BOOK PRO has been accomplished. (one would think Acronis could be installed and then just install MAC OS X86 after you got that up and running) Kinda like my machine I am on right now
  8. World's largest Windows error message

    Now thats poetic.
  9. Introduce Yourself

    Well You can guess from the Name, I am a former US Marine, ended my services with the US Government in 1997. I have a wonderful wife, and 3 children, ages 8, 6, and 2 on friday. I have been a network engineer since 1993, started way back when Banyan Vines was actually a NOS. I have supported networks in companys such as, GTE, LSG Sky Chefs, American Airlines, and currently working for the 5th Largest US ISP. I have supported evey microsoft product from the days of Microsoft Windows 3.1 all the way to Windows 2003 (and I am working on Vista now too) I have been through, traveled to about as many places as I wanna go (or atleast go to solo) And I am probably one of the oldest people on this board as well. As for what I really believe: There is just one rule in life: Live life by the seat of your pants, if you don't then you are gaurnteed to miss something. (and yes I can even live by that rule with 3 kids)
  10. maxxuss website down

    Ok guys and gals, this forum was already shut down once for links to content in regards to maxxuss patches, one would think we should avoid all of those types of links, including links to other forums with the same information links. Post your guides and give hints to how to find the stuff, but I dont want to lose the forum again so maybe we should be a tad careful for awhile and just pay attention to the things we post. (of course if the admins say I am wrong the whooo hoooo, lets get cracking and helping people out getting it running, otherwise, I hope we are all very careful with out postings.
  11. maxxuss website down

    Just wanted to post my 2 cents on Bandwidth usage (since i work for an ISP directly and I deal with installing the stuff) He doesn't use bandwidth worth anything on his basic text site. And since he is linked outside his site for all his downloads they (shouldn't) be counted against his bandwidth usuage. (shouldn't being the key word) Now if he hosting on a free site then more than likely he is limited to probably around 10 MB a month (not much) but when your talking 50K text files then well that probably wasnt the cause. Anyway, thats my two cents on bandwidth. (I know people who have had sites removed for content on Russian hosted sites, because the New Russian Republic is desperatly trying to get some help from the US and is not putting up fights against most of our rules and regulations on the Internet)
  12. The DMCA and the 1st Amendment

    First of all, the technical aspect of the DMCA is true to the full extent of the law. However, At this point in time the only thing I can say to APPLE is this: Whose to say MAXXUSS doesn't own a true copy of this software (that hes not actually a developer) and is merely posting patches he is creating from the original clone project of Apple that the, for lack of better words, stupid SOB Steve Jobs, has killed. Personally, copyright laws tend to deal with the reselling of information, kinda like the new warning on DVDs from the FBI - as long as you watch the movie in your home, and don't charge a friend to come watch it, TECHNICALLY, you didn't break that law either. Anyway - before I get to ranting at the fact all we are attempting to do around here is test the ability to make an Operating System work in an environment that it was not intended too, while we all wait on our own MAC INTELs to get here. (because personally, if you have already ordered yours its probably not at your house yet) Its not a copy right violation, if you technically own it right.....
  13. OSX86 10.4.4 installation guide for people with SSE2

    It sounds like most everyone is attempting to do the steps. The 10.4.4 Restore DMG might be different, I located a couple of different copies floating around the bay here lately. So here is one other suggestion: IF at first you don't succedded try try again.....And what I mean by try again, is start from scratch for your 10.4.4 installation...It took about 18hours to get my final product working, and that was before I got the v1.0 patches. (Granted I am a newbee to OSX and all this stuff so that could be why), I think I formated and reinstalled OSX 10.4.4 6 times before I got it running smooth. On a second not. 10.4.3 was 2nd Primary Partition on Drive 1, OS X 10.4.4 on dedicated 80 GB HDD. MarineCorps97
  14. 10.4.4 not booting to finalize installation process

    . in 10.4.3 Open Terminal sudo -s cd /volumes/<your mac 10.4.4 disk> rm mach_kernel That deletes the one there. Then you can drag the new one in Finder to the root If your booting into 10.4.4 Open Terminal sudo -s rm mach_kernel That deletes the one there. Then you can drag the new one in Finder to the root