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  1. Filthy Night

    should i post installation tutorial for dv7 2043

    You have to use cpus=1 or else it stucks on the boot screen with some message about being reinstall or something
  2. Hi Guyz, i have installed mac 10.5.2 installed on my DV7 2043, Graphics fully 1600x900x32, sound working i guess its internal but i cant control sound, i mean mute etc.... Lan, Wifi working Check Hp Pavilion DV7 2043 cl for configurations and models etc....... i dont know much about these, but yet i installed with the help of the forum posts. if somebody wants any help or steps then let me know, i will post a nice tutorial to work with. Thanks & Regards
  3. Filthy Night

    Graphics card memory issue

    Hi all, i have dv7 2043 cl with 2.0 C2D Processor Intel ATI Mobility Graphics Card 4650 (1 GB) 4 GB Ram (800 mgz) remaining standard like any other i guess but my problem is that my card is showing memory of 256mb only in system profiler. can somebody has the same issue and if so then how come he resolved, any help appericiated. also i have sound issue that it wont work with the speakers, the sounds comes but cant be muted via touch buttons, neither from icon of sound. only way is from player, unwanted sounds come, i cant stop them like startup other buzz, some application's sound. etc....... Can somebody help me in this regard?
  4. Filthy Night

    ATI 5870/4850/4870/4890 Users for Benchmark WANTED

    i Cant even figure out my card on mac, how can i run the benchmark utility. my Card is 4650 mobility ATI (1 GB)
  5. Filthy Night

    [HOW TO] Getting IDT Audio Working

    Hy guyz, i have ATI sound i guess, i dont know about it, but it does surely says IDT ati, so can u please tell if its right or wrong model ?
  6. Filthy Night

    10.6.3 released.. any chance for mobility 4650

    Can u please guide how can i get best of my card, i have 1 GB graphic card of ati 4650 mobility but i have memory showing of 256 mb, tried many things but no luck, can u please guide me ?
  7. Filthy Night

    ATI Radeon HD 4650 - any support QE/CI?

    i Have installed Kalyway 10.5.2 to 10.5.5 gradually with the help of the forum. my Graphic Card works 1600x900 resolution, but my problem is that my Graphic Card is of 1 GB but, i am getting 256 memory in system profiler can somebody help me in this regard.
  8. Filthy Night

    ATI Radeon HD 4650 - any support QE/CI?

    Hi All, i have hp pavilion dv7 2043 with the following configuration Processor 2.0 Core 2 Duo (t6400) 4GB Ram (ddr2) ATI 4650 Graphics Card (1 GB) Dual Hard 500 GB WD and and i think that is enough for the installation now here comes the problem i can install kalyway but with very low graphics and that sucks to work with. its native resolution is 1600x900 Is there anyway i can install all my drivers and get best out of it. also i am not having any sound, but lan is working fine. nothing else, no cam, wifi , nothing Can Somebody Help me in this regard. Thanks