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  1. The post on top was my first post. I finally got it to work 400 FPS in normal mode 800 FPS in pause mode Looks like the openCL on my machine is working fine however Main Stage 2.13 is crashing whenever I load up a template and crash reports points to geforcegldriver. Dudes in discussion.apple.com says it has something to do with opencl. Been busting my head trying to get it not to crash upon loading a template but no luck so far.
  2. I'm facing this error. Connecting to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480... Error opening file compute_kernels.cl Segmentation fault: 11 What am i doing wrong here?
  3. Hi Kabyl After flashing to Bios 3508 for Acer aspire 5580, I still need CPUS=1 to boot into OSX T_T. Removing it or changing to CPUS=2 will cause boot freeze at IOAPIC: Version 0x20 vectors 64:87. Please help..
  4. Parallels 5 & Windows 7 Partition

    Good solution! It managed to point Parallels to boot windows. But I keep entering start-up repair and it goes on a loop as a first time installation. I read in the Parallels forum that this is a known issue and they do not have a solution for it. as of now. Happens mostly to high end PC with 4 cores and a lot of ram T_T. Gonna try VMware instead..