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  1. Hi, I expect to get into the same problem as yours tomorrow as i'll be updating a friend's hackintosh with a GTX 970. I left him this summer running fine on Yosemite but he recently updated to El Capitan and called me back as he was stuck at boot. I must admit I've given up hackintosh stories as I have a reak iMac now but it runs with a nvidia 675MX and i use an nvidia driver. the updater is similar to the app referred to on this forum. That being said, what will I (and eternal404) have to do to get the hack GTX 970 working on El Capitan in a few words ? Try to get to the deskop by disabling nvidia in boot args and then installing the latest driver with the nvidia web driver update ? just this ? Thanks a lot
  2. I don't have that config anymore, I have a nvidia now, no Ati I Have a Z97X Gigabyte Gaming 3 and EVGA Geforce GTX 970 I didn't find where to update the profile :/ sorry about that
  3. Hi all, I've read numbers of thread regarding this issue and all make it clear that it is a graphic related problem, not a bluetooth one. Indeed, the GUI is just about to load but something makes it hang and the bluetooth line is the last one displayed Anyway, I am still stuck with that error in 10.10.2 with 343.02.02 nvidia drivers correctly installed The only way I can get to the desktop with graphics ok is WITH THE -f BOOT FLAG. This seems to make the OS ignore the kernel cache. I don't understand anything about that but here is what I tried without success and the -f thing is the only one that works: Does not work for me: -------------------- npci=0x2000 -no-zp nv_disable=1 GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No UseKernelCache=Yes/No Move/Delete IOBluetooth* in S/L/E Move/Delete AppleIntelHD* and AppleIntelF* in S/L/E (mentionned in numerous thread) Repair permissions rebuild cache (with kextwizard or manually Kextcache...) Any ideas how I can avoid the need to boot with -f which also is not the best thing in the world (kernel cache is useful and should work) Thank you ^-^
  4. Thank you. I installed it with kextbeat in S/L/E and rebooted. At first it worked (my USB3 connected mouse moved) but not another mouse connected to USB2. Then reboot (no change), none of them work go figure... I must have some big USB conflict. if the Rehabman the only file to have in S/L/E for all usb to work ? I have a H55M-USB3 mobo.
  5. unfortunately no. It was the only guide I found that talked about the "upgrade" from mavericks to Yosemite, other tutorials just said to start from scratch and reformat the drive, that's why I followed his. If you have a solution please let me know. As for now my GenericUSBHXI version in S/L/E is 1.2.7
  6. Hello eveyone, I did an install of Yosemite over Mavericks on a Hackintosh. I have a Gigabyte USB3 mobo (LGA1156 i guess) and cannot get a USB mouse to work. I get to the Yosemite login screen and my mice (I tried to connect two of them to different ports to try) are stuck in the upper left corner and don't move. I tried all boot args, PCIRoot, npci, kext-dev-mod without success. I tried to repair permissions by rebooting on my usb stick (mouse works), no success. I copied GenericUSBHXi back in Yosemite's S/L/E (had to remove it for upgrade according to tonymac) by booting on a mavericks clone partition, no success either. What can I do ? Thanks
  7. A Simple Guide to the 4830/4850/4870/4870x2/4890

    should work like my 4890 connect with DVI install QE/CI netkas 10.7 patch graphicsenabler=Y reboot
  8. Hello, which driver to use for a fresh install of Lion on a H55M-USB3 ? is the nec modbin USB3 kext included in [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] 3.8 ok ? or should i use some lacie drivers , or a modified kext found here ? I have an external USB3 case (with a WDC 1,5tb drive), connected to the blue usb3 port of my mobo thanks
  9. ATI 4890 & 10.6.4 solution founded!

    Sorry not to understand Your first post seems to link drivers for 10.6.4 and i'm using 10.6.7 Could you please link me to a zip where i could find all the files to replace for 10.6.7 ? Many thanks
  10. ATI 4890 & 10.6.4 solution founded!

    you mean installing your atiframebuffer instead of the one that i use ? (which is 1.6.26 , 356ko)
  11. Hello, I'm trying to enable displayport on my sapphire ati 4890 on a G41M-ES2L and SL 10.6.7 install netkas' exotic 10.6.7 patch qe/ci works with dvi, no problem. system info tells i'm running ATY, motmot but displayport connexion causes my monitor (a 27in 2560x1440 nec) to go to standby at boot. it seems to mess with refresh rates and can't cope : monitor displays alert box of refresh rate override of 120hz whereas it shoud display that high res @60hz. I think the framebuffer gives wrong info or doesn't have info for DP standard res any way to fix that ? thanks
  12. ATI 4890 & 10.6.4 solution founded!

    ok but it's SL that sends wrong info to the monitor. it is linked to a resolution problem I tried reinstalling SL from scatch, only connecting to DP. it works and stays at low resolution 1440x900 when I upgrade to 10.6.7 it still says at that resolution and no QE/CI when I then install the QE/CI exotic pack for 10.6.7 from Netkas, DP does not works anymore (screen goes off during boot). If I add a DVI cable, it seems to be the second screen i'm watching, it's blank SL wallpaper but i cannot have the main (DP) screen. if i leave the DVI on and disconnect the DP cable, i now have the SL desktop as it should be, but in DVI. it does not seem to accept 2560x1440 @60hz via DP, or I should specify it somewhere because before the screen goes off it reads "trying 120hz" which obviously does not work
  13. ATI 4890 & 10.6.4 solution founded!

    what do you mean ? how to do that?
  14. ATI 4890 & 10.6.4 solution founded!

    yes, tried DP only, doesn't work. is there anywhere i can set refresh rates for my resolution ? i remember i once managed to have my dp ok with this monitor, i guess i was still at 10.6.6 and with old ati kexts (dualdvi) but once i upgraded to 10.6.7 + netkas package , dp is gone
  15. ATI 4890 & 10.6.4 solution founded!

    tried that but still doesn't work for me. Monitor goes black during boot and reads "display out of range" (must be linked to a refresh rate problem as it seems to be willing to set a 118hz and of course i'm limited to 60hz) my monitor is the 27" inch Nec PA271W which has 2560x1440 @60hz resolution. Works fine in DVI. Any other ideas to get DP to work? or maybe I could add that res and refresh somewhere in ati's kext content. I had a former 24" inch (1920x1200) which worked great with DP and i haven't changed a thing when I switched monitor tks