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  1. ok, bad news... it didn't work so I have no idea what to try next... to anyone else trying: good luck. a.
  2. Hi, I'm running 10.4.9 with QE and openGl enabled (ripped the kexts off older install dvd's) , however there are some strange things going on whick make me believe that something isn't quite right. For example when I minimize iTunes the window in the dock becomes blue, also google earth doesnt work right (samer opengl 'blue' issue). I'm unable to playback video at a decent speed, with vlc it works but I can't even go into full screen mode because it needs more power i guess. So you also have this? is this the best I can get or should I keep on trying to find the perfect combination of kexts/frameworks?
  3. Compaq Evo N610c here also... i'm also having the reboot loop thingy just after loading the kexts; next thing i will try is install it via pacifist to my external hd (from within tiger), ands remove the AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext I will let you know if it worked. ps: anyone ever got sleep or speedstep working on an N610c ?
  4. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    hi, i have a AD1886a (so says my codec dump) , it loads the AppleIntelICH kext and I've got sound (since the early days of osx86). Now with this driver project my hope to get SPDIF out working has been renewed (i actually had given up on that one), is there any chance that it could be done? I know it's an old card but it's in a laptop (which works almost perfect with osx86 otherwise). I have attached my codec dump, it appears that there isn't very much information in there... If the patcher can't use this, is there any way to do it manually? (point the SPdif to the right direction hardware-wise) Getting this to work would be a huge leap forward for me, as i use my laptop as jukebox connected to my surround receiver. However, having only analog sound kinda sucks once you get used to a digital signal. anyways, thanks for a great driver effort, it seems like you've helped a whole lot of people with it! codec.txt
  5. You will need to have Pacifist to extract it from the installer package (the kexts are in the 'essentials' package if i'm not mistaken) However, getting Pacifist on my system wasn't that easy since I didn't have another (windows) partition, nad it wouldn't recognise my usb stick. I had to burn it to a CD using another PC. To boot your system, you will need to have your uphuck dvd in the drive, and where it says 'press F8 for boot options' (or something similar), you need to press F8 (duh) and type 'rd=disk0s1' (if your Mac partition is on the firdt disk from the first drive, otherwise change to disk1s2 for second disk, second partition... you get it) Anyways, good luck, I hope you will have a bootable system soon.
  6. hmm, strange... with this kext installed my system hangs just after loading the GUI. i'm on a pentium 4 mobile so i think it should work. (laptop: compaq evo N610c) any ideas on why this could be? anyways, thanks for the effort to make my cpu a bit cooler, this was the last really needed addition to osx86! keep up the good work anton.
  7. Hi, I also had the 'using xxxx buffers and xxxx io ....' problem, and got it solved by using the AppleAPIC.kext and AppleMPIC.kext from earlier install DVD's (I'm on a Pentium 4 Mobile, SSE2 only). Also, I'm having a lot more driver issues than on my previous install (JAS 10.4.6). All in all, it's a sweet installer DVD but I think there's still room for a v 1.4 (especially if you're on older hardware). Now I hope I can get everything to work as in my previous install (only sleep didn't work). Thanks Uphuck, and please include the earlier *APIC and MPIC kexts in your next release it would make life so much easier.