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  1. (Almost) Hidden Secrets of OS X

    oh right, problem sorted
  2. (Almost) Hidden Secrets of OS X

    is there a way to make the windos key the apple key on apple keyboards?
  3. problem installing mac x86 (jas)

    check your specs on osx86 's wiki section. i have an asrock 755i65gv mobo and everything works without any drivers.
  4. can't install sagem fast800 modem

    oh right, i also have a bt voyager 105, which uses usb. i downloaded the drive from bt, it is a .sit file (should it be .dmg?) when i boot into os x it doesn't recognise this. is there a way of getting this modem working?
  5. can't install sagem fast800 modem

    ok, thanks, is it possible to use rosetta? (since it is os x) or do i have to shell out £50 for a router?
  6. help, i'm trying to install the sagem fast800 modem which came with talktalk broadband. i used the install package from sagem's website, it all went fine then when it asked me to connect the modem to the usb port, i did but after the reboot, my pc don't recognise my modem, and when i connect the modem the drive always says the modem is unplugged, so i can't connect to the internet . i tried all my usb ports with my mp3player and os x recognises it. what's the problem?
  7. can't boot into OSx

    thanx, it installed alright now, cheers!
  8. can't boot into OSx

    i have 2 Hdd i have installed os x on the second one, the first one is for windows. both hdd are ide and i installed osx on the slave hd. i used this guide: install os x guide the installation (jas 10.4.6 dvd) went fine, i ticked all the boxes including x11 (don't know what the means) and amd and intel patches i then used the acronis os selecter to boot into os x but after that i get a full screen of os x loading up its files, it went really fast and then suddenly the screen went black and the pc reboots. every time i try to boot into os x it happens again and again. anybody know why?