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  1. You're absolutley correct. Thank you so much for your help. IT WORKS!! This was my first attempt using a hex editor, I didn't realize it could also be opened with a text editor to see certain parts of the file. Turbo, you are the man!
  2. In my IOPCCardFamily.kext, there is Info.plist (which I edited), version.plist (left alone) and a folder 'MacOS. In MacOS there are two files 'IOPCCardFamily' (which I edited my device ID into in the two places) and the backup 'IOPCCardFamily~'. I see no driver that would contain the list you provided. Is that something I forgot to add? Thanks again!
  3. I was able to complete all the steps except: "Third, repaced the name of a similar TI bridge with "xx12" so that it is correctly recognized " Where do I change this? I need to make it xx10 for mine. THANKS!