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    I already OC to 4.2 but me need more (((: if i set ratio more than 42, in Mountain Lion i have KP, but if i set more in Lion, all working perfect!
  2. ExMike


    UPDATE #3: SpeedStep Working, MSRDump: I set in bios for each core value 42\41\40\39. If i set all to 42 i have KP. Can i set all cores to ratio x42?
  3. ExMike


    UPDATE: I Generate SSDT Table, all working, without error, but i have one problem, SpeedStep not working, CPU working on min or max, SSDT generated good, i see automatic states ( i set it in config) - But in ioreg i don't have PerformanceStateArray, how to fix it? UPDATE #2: I Have PerformanceStates, i replace my bios with new version, now i can set for each core multiplier. I set 42\41\40\39. And in MSRDumper i see next steps : 16 39 40 41 42 39-42 states it's normal 'cause i set this states in bios. But how i can do make to working other steps eg ( 18, 24, 20, 28, 35)? In ioreg and SMC Monitor on tab P & C States i see 27states from 16 to 42 (CST info - text field in SMC monitor is empty).
  4. ExMike


    They are already in this folder.
  5. ExMike


    Hi, all. I have some problem, i installed RevoBoot to my usb stick, and try booting, i set in config debug mode. After passing all tests, i see Apple logo, and my PC rebooting, i trying to put my DSDT and SSDT to Extra Folder, but, this don't helping me How to boot it? Or only need to install in to my hard disk?
  6. Aftre combo update from 10.7.2 to 10.7.3 have a error with loading, i trying to booting with -v -f with replacing AppleCpuPowerManagmet, and with NullCpuPowerM and have error still waiting to root device, after this i replace kext from working 10.7.2 IOATAFamily and still get this error, how to fix it?
  7. ExMike

    boot0 error

    all done with this guide http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=165676
  8. ExMike

    boot0 error

    i 'm restore mac from dmg, trying to write with chameleon wizard bootloader, and after reboot see boot0:GPT boot0:test boot0:test boot0:done and all how to fix?
  9. ExMike

    DSDT Check

    i have this results without DSDT,SSDT http://browse.geekbench.ca/geekbench2/564136 its normal?
  10. ExMike

    DSDT Check

    Can anybody help me. with DSDT and SSDT. that wrong with his, or mb it working I Add some changes, from gb extreme4 gen 3, my mb is extreme 3 gen 3 With this i have benc in GeekBenc ±8700, but other people with this proc and cpu have ±1400. My CPU - i2500k with over clock to 4.2 mb can some can help me http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14964557/DSDT.aml http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14964557/SSDT.aml
  11. ExMike

    Slow booting

    I installed iAtkos L2 And don't have speedstep\sleep-awake. but i install speedstep patch and delete NullCpuPower.. In GeekBenk = i have 7529 score Specs = MB: AsRock Extreme 3 Gen3 CPU: Intel Core i5 2500k @ 4.0 DDR: = Samsung 1666 Grap: = Intel HD 3000 How to make work SpeedStep and inc speed\score
  12. ExMike

    ISO to HDD

    I Have iAtkos iso, can i extract it on hdd, boot from hdd and install to hdd? if can, how do it?
  13. ExMike

    iAtkos resize

    Hello, i have a problem, i have a falsh drive 4gb. can i a cut image iAtkos to 4-3.7 gb? how i can delete some files in image( eg. languages\printers\ screen savers\etc ) Thank
  14. ExMike

    AD1986 Line Input

    I get worked sound with AppleAzailaAudio and AppleAC97Auido kext's, how to get input work? ICH 6\8086:2668