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  1. Help with VIA VT1802 audio

    Hey, Sorry for the delay, had to go away. Yes that would be brilliant if you could help..I have a feeling that I have all the files and txt I need to paste but I don't know how/where to put everything.I have a feeling the binary patch has already been done and saved, and is the folder I have ready to be copied or something..but I don't know, so yes If you could help me with that I will start reading the sound section see I can figure out what to do with all the files and code I already have... Thanks
  2. Help with VIA VT1802 audio

    Hi, Thanks, I tried voodoohda, didn't work...showed up in mysystem prefences but no actual sound... The guy reckons he has patched AppleHDA for this codec and got it most/all of it working.. I now have the following files in relation to it: Configdata.txt pinconfigurations.txt verbit_vt1802.txt verbitdebug.txt vt1802_dec.txt vt1802_dec.txt.svg vt1802.txt vt1802.txt.svg And a folder called AppleHDA_Patch_files inside of which is: layout12.xml platforms.xml I read that voodoo is not very good (at least on this machine), but i'd use it if it was working, but it isn't..Hopefully I'll hear back from the guy who did the patch work on how to use this stuff...I think all of the work real work is pretty much done, just don't know any thing about this stuff..
  3. Hello, ML is insalled and updated to 10.8.4 but I have no sound. I did a codec dump and my Codec is VIA VT1802.. I found some code which will apparently get me to the following status: Int. Spk, Headphone, Int mic working, Lineout unknown yet.. https://github.com/maxfierke/Lemu4-Hackintosh-Config/commit/39f8deca09af7d1403d727a5419968598e15ea77 https://github.com/maxfierke/Lemu4-Hackintosh-Config/blob/39f8deca09af7d1403d727a5419968598e15ea77/vt1802p_devel/AppleHDA_patch_files/Platforms.xml https://github.com/maxfierke/Lemu4-Hackintosh-Config/blob/39f8deca09af7d1403d727a5419968598e15ea77/vt1802p_devel/AppleHDA_patch_files/layout12.xml I know its to do with patching the applehda, but I'm clueless as to how to actually do what I need to do using this code... Can anyone help please? Thanks
  4. Post install dual boot help needed

    Yes, Windows 8 was pre-installed, but Acording to disk management the drive is MBR. Something I have noticed is that if I am in windows, the ML partition shows as a primary partition within disk management but shows as an extended partition in diskpart...and also disk management shows the following : Any idea of how I could try and get this done from within windows perhaps?
  5. Post install dual boot help needed

    Ok, still at stage 2 it says 'disk already unmounted' guess that doesnt matter.. At stage6 it still says ' dd: boot1h No such file or directory' Where was I supposed to copy the file 'boot1h' to? I copied it to the USB key..Am I supposed to copy it to somewhere on the Mountain Lion partition? Please help
  6. Post install dual boot help needed

    Hi again Ifire. Not sure If I was supposed to install chameleon prior to your steps, I guessed so, so I installed it. Followed your steps. I got to step 4 and it said ' disk0s2 was already unmounted' on step 5 I type 'cd/' and it says ' -bash: cd/: no such file or directory I jumped to step 6 and it says 'dd: boot1h No such file or directory' Please help
  7. Post install dual boot help needed

    Brilliant, gonna try asap. will let you know. Thanks
  8. Post install dual boot help needed

    Hey ifire, still need the files, have you got a link please?
  9. Post install dual boot help needed

    Hey Have you got a link for what chameleon you mean..googling 'binarios chameleon folder i386' wasn't much help... thanks
  10. Post install dual boot help needed

    Hey Thanks for that. Going to try now. But I'm wondering, if windows is booting currently, then obviously its active, if I make ML active then won't there just be two actives how will it know to boot from ML/Chameleon when windows is also active..To confirm these are partions not seperate disks.. ok, giving it a try...! Booted straight to windows again... Tried again noticed the flow in terminal is a little different from your example there.. When I get to 'fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 ' there is no option for 'p', terminal says 'The signature for this MB is invalid, would you like to initialize the partition table? I said yes, then follwed the rest of the commands in your list...
  11. Post install dual boot help needed

    Thanks for the quick reply. I did install chameleon using the myhack, it installed, mentioned somethin about not being able to flush the boot but that it shouldnt matter, but on rebooting same thing, windows boots automatically and osx requires usb..Will try your attachment..should I try and delete the previous chameleon, even it doesnt seem to be doing anything lol? If so, where would it be located for me to delete..Sorry I should have mentioned I already tried with the myhack chameleon.. Edit: Started with a clean install, booted from USB, ran your link from within OSX with ML drive as target. Nothing at all, still boots straight to windows, can still boot to OSX via USB... Now what
  12. Hello Acer Aspire S3-391 with windows 8 pre-installed, made partition for ML and sucessfully installed it via USB. When machine is turned on it boots straight to windows. I can boot to OSX only with USB Key and then selecting from the menu, How can I get it to boot from the HD like that? Drive is MBR. Step by step with link top anything needed would be very apreciated. Thanks
  13. Hey, Thanks for getting back, I gave up with myhack, used the the other one than cant be mentioned on here..worked straight away..
  14. Hello all Having trouble installing Mountain Lion using MYhack on an Acer Aspire S3-391. Sata is set to AHCI I have no options in Bios for the following: ACPI as S3 LegacyUSB as ON UEFI Boot to OFF So no way of knowing the status of those... I boot from USB flash, and it gets to the apple Logo, then after a bit stoppes spinning and a no entry symbol shows... Tried both USB ports (both are 2.0), Tried UsbBootFix=yes, nothing happens In all these cases If boot -v It boots for a while and then says 'still waiting for root device' and keeps repeating that.. I am using myhack becuase I want to keep the current windows 8 partion... Please help if you can. Thanks