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  1. dragonmel

    Sierra GTX 960 4GO + NvidiaWebdriver install low FPS

    can I get your install notes and setup files... did you use a custom dsdt.aml or just using clover?
  2. dragonmel

    DX58so build

    @esmith1977 Can you share your setup notes? I set up 10.11 on a dx58s0 awhile back with clover and after much experimentation and manual editing of the config file.. I got things very stable and even auto sleep working.... Sierra at the time was just coming out and clover had not updated yet... so it was problematic... Thanks for your help....
  3. can you elaborate on the two chipsets that I am usings if you feel that your code is a good canditate or not? also, what DSDT edits are you refering to? I tried your code on my DX58so with the intel 8086 10cc 82567LM-2 and got hangs, finder hangs, basically didnt work. followed your install instructions and also manually configured the nic settings not enabling flow control didnt help.. the new 3.3.3 seems to work a bit better but if I can get your code working for this board I am sure yours is better... I can upload my dsdt if it would help or drop it in your dropbox thanks
  4. Meize your skills and expertice in osx networking never fail to astound. I looked into your intelmausi kext for my DX58so board which runs a intel 82567LM-2 based onboard nic. accoding to the code on you download site, it supports the chipset but your development does not list it.. I was using appleintel1000e but it was giving me some issues so I downloaded your latest built kext, added my dev id 8086 10cc I think it was, and gave it a try lockups, finder hangs.. not getting anywhere... First question, can i get your driver to work with this chipset? If not, is the latest 3.3.3 of appleintel1000e the best way to go for this chip? any other suggestions for dsdt edits or stack tuning>? also, I have a S5520HC intel server board with dual 82575EB copper nics.. currently using appleigb is that the way to go, and same question, any configs or tuning there. on this board I am leaning heavily toward running esxi and just putting osx into a VM .. any issues there or does vmtools do a good job for their virtual 1000e driver.. no vmxnet3 driver for osx unfortunately Thanks!!! update.. I found that hnak's 1000e is now 3.3.3 and it works a bit better than the old on my DX58so.. but throughput for large media should be better... and it sounds like your driver enables more feautures of the stack... if it works for my chipsets...
  5. dragonmel

    OS X is only recognizing half of my RAM.

    slice same here... S5520hc motherboard with dual l5640s looking at the clover boot log at the beginning when its loading the tables all 12 sticks of my ddr3 4gb ECC ram is detected later in the boot log I think during spd.. it only enumerates 6 in system profiler is shows only 6 slots and 24gb out of 12 sticks and 48gb.... I have tried trust.. and both on this board and on my Dx58so clover always goes 'not trusting as bla bla reported different even though what clover picked up looked right to me.. hopefully this gets fixed... having other issues with the dual l5640s on the s5520hc motherboard.. trying Mac Pro 4,1 and 5,1 system definitions and having issues getting power management correct.. any hits help or hacks to fix this welcome!!!
  6. dragonmel

    [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    well that is the rub.. I am in uncharted territory here!!
  7. dragonmel

    Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    loaded the kexts from the Astek driver package.. leaving out the management and registration software since I am not running a raid, just an lsi9212 HBA IT.. it works... so far the Astek site claims that without a license (which they no longer sell) and using it on a non Astek card, it will be 'limited' but it does not say what the limitations are a licensed copy can control up to 128 drives so perhaps it reduces that. I have not tried to connect the card to an expander chassis so perhaps it won't permit that. In the kexts I found some information in the plist file that mentions an activation process but not being a coder I cant tell if there is an easy way to circumvent the activation I called astek and while they have it up for anyone to use free, they on longer provide ANY support, the coders that designed it moved on and they claim the no longer have the repositories or anything.. so it is AS-IS. perhaps someone smarter than me here can figure it out! A3DRV-HBA Legacy - Obsoleted, No Support - Astek Corporation Apple Hardware Intel based MacPro (all models) with at least one PCI-Express slot available Intel based MacBook, iMac, MacMini systems with Thunderbolt external enclosures† Processors/Kernels Intel x86 (32-bit) and Intel x86_64 (64-bit) LSISAS Cards LSI SAS 9200-8e, 8 ports external, PCIe 2.0 LSI SAS 9201-16e, 16 ports external, PCIe 2.0 LSI SAS 9202-16e, 16 ports external, PCIe 2.0 LSI SAS 9205-8e, 8 ports external, PCIe 2.0 (best for SSDs) LSI SAS 9207-8e. 8 ports external PCIe 3.0 LSI SAS 9207-4i4e, 4 ports external, 4 ports internal, PCIe 3.0 LSISAS Controllers LSISAS2008 LSISAS2116 LSISAS2308 Firmware Features Integrated RAID0/1/10◊
  8. dragonmel

    Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    jfive thanks for the reply.. but a bit confused... an LSI9212-4e-4i is a passive, IT based card no? the question is ... is there a driver for mac OS X that will make visible (ok passthrough might not be the right term?) the raw disks in osx I dont want nor is it best practices to use a raid card for ZFS disks.. i.e. passing 8 disks as 8 separate raid0 volumes.. Has anyone got information on the astek drivers.. how to use them .. can they be used without a license or is it raid mode only looking at the kexts I can see that the device ids are there but I dont want to install bloat to the system that I may or may not be able to remove everything since it has no uninstaller thanks if there is a better IT mode HBA card for OS X hackintosh by all means let me hear about them..
  9. dragonmel

    Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    ok .. so as expected in el capitan a lsi 9212-4e4i card with a dev 1000 devid 0072 does not show up.. its a IT mode card dukzcry's kext does not work for IT cards.. and I cant use IR individual drive because I am using external enclosures with expanders and zfs and that would be a nightmare.. does anyone know how to use the commercial drivers from astek? I can see the kexts in the install package with pacifist but the website says it needs a registration key.. any way to use the kexts without their utilities or need for the key... or edit the kext to remove the key requirement..? I really need to get this card running!! Thanks
  10. dragonmel

    [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    and that tool will allow me to add hfsplus-64.efi file?
  11. dragonmel

    [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    thanks.. I think that the intel s5520 uses an unsigned AMI bios.. at least that is what I have heard.. so how would one go about it ... I have found hfsplus-64.efi file.. and I have downloaded the latest intel efi/uefi bios and recovery bios files... thanks... I kind of need a walkthrough as I am new at this and dont want to brick anything!!
  12. dragonmel

    [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    can this be used to add hfsplus-64.efi to a intel s5520HC bios thanks
  13. dragonmel

    Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    here is what I have right now... My server/storage box is a GA-EP45-DS3l hackintosh running 10.11.3 with clover with the following hardware 8G ram e8400 10 drives (6 through onboard ICH / 4 SilImage 4 sata pci card) sil3132 2x esata card (connects to SansDigital towerstor 8x1.5tb backup array (raidz). This server runs Plex server among other tasks and has 6x2tb drives in a ZFS zpool using open ZFS OS X and works pretty well the backup pool as stated above is a separate box using 2x esata cables and surprisingly good xfer for the setup and is what I would like to do is move the 8 drives in the esata enclosure to a SE3016 omnistor box.. 16 disks via 8088 since the box uses an expander onboard and would give me higher throughput, allow adding another 8drive vdev to the backup pool and only use one cable. this requires a HBA and since I am using ZFS.. IT mode is the best performing with least hassle.. I dont want to have to export 16 drives (or more in the future though chaining multiple enclosure) manually and I dont want the drives 'tagged' by a raid controller making migration or HBA replacement difficult. plus since its a daisy chain able enclosure using IT mode gives me the ability to attach like 125 drives or more where in IR or raid mode the drive count is usually much smaller.. So yes. like I stated in my original post.. I know I need an HBA but which ones will work in IT mode in OS X / hackintosh either with this kext or natively ... that I dont have to pass each disk as a raid 0 as that is just not the way to do it for the above reasons.... from what I have read this great kext project does not work with IT cards, only lsimegaraid... I am also considering building a new system on a s5520 board and I would need new HBA / sata options for that solution as well.. although if I go that route I am seriously contemplating doing a esxi / napp-it all in one and putting OS X on a napp-it zfs pool as a VM.... so keep the tested and working card suggestions coming ...
  14. dragonmel

    Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    I need a HBA card that will run in IT mode.. I use ZFS and dont need or want raid... what I really need is to connect to a 16 drive DAS with expander via 8088.. an lsi 9200-8e would be the goto but this kext says it has to run in megaraid not IT mode.. anyone know of a solution! thanks !!
  15. dragonmel

    Clover General discussion

    Tluck thanks for taking the time but waking is not the problem that is proper behavior not sleeping properly or waking properly is the issue. If I wanted to stop it walking I could just un click wake for Internet access. Drake wake is not supported on Mac Pro it's not waking for darkewake it's waking on a rtc for network access