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  1. Bump!!!!!!! Come on Guys help! Mod help admin? PS2 wont work on Lion but when i press THE volume button on THE keyqboard it Does work And it says before u begin how can i bypass That come on Guys ............
  2. Hey it did workshop And now im stuck onbefore u begin connect keyboard...... But THE keyboard workshop when i tap on THE volume it Will workshop it Will do THE volume thing but wont past it THE keyboard menu Hey sorry for workshop thats means work stupide iPad 2
  3. hey thx for fast reply! but how do i do it? where do i find the kext? but i cant log in to lion because it says keyboard not found? and im now on 10.6.8 and there it works but lion not? how do i install it?
  4. hey guys dj shahh here, ive got it all runnin but the keyboard wont work its a ps2 and how can i add a kext on chameleon 2 rc5. somebody can help me? ive got installed it but i stucked on plug in keyboard help!?!?!
  5. mac os x 10.6.2 by hazard

    Install Windows 7 first then Mac Os X hazaRD Take A picture of the error please so we can see wats the problemo.