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  1. Need help with a G3 laptop, please!

    thanks for the info! i already have a card in it though (but for some reason i cant get it to work). is what this site's saying correct? http://www.simplehelp.net/2007/04/17/how-t...reless-network/ if it is, i did all that and it still isnt working. what happens, i see the wireless network in the list, i click on it and it and it still doesnt bring up anything in the browser. i tried two different places that have wireless and it still doesnt work. i cant figure it out. thank you again for all your help! EDIT... wait, what is "interference robustness"? on that site here, if you look at the picture on #5, it says that below "create network"… i dont think i saw that on my computer when i went to try the wifi. what does that mean?
  2. oh i love you. LOL thanks for all your help!
  3. Hi! my original story is here... http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...=0#entry1435310 So long story short (if you dont feel like reading it), i at bought an old G3 laptop at a yard sale. i got it to at least upgrade to 10.3 and now i tried to update the software to 10.3.9 and it asks for the admin password. Since im not the original owner i dont know it (and im not going back to knock on a stranger's door lol). So is there any way around this? I really want to upgrade this thing as high as i can go but im stuck.
  4. Need help with a G3 laptop, please!

    I GOT IT TO WORK!!! *rejoices* well, kinda sorta… i was too scared to do the firewire thing on my old baby so i was going to just give up BUT low and behold … my dad, God rest his soul, came thru for me… originally when he gave me my computer he gave me the install disks… Cd's not DVD's… and which i didnt realize were universal. So i said to myself, what the heck, ill just see if i can pop one of those in there and just try if it works and it did! BUT... i hit another snag... i got it to upgrade to 10.3 BUT when i tried to upgrade the software to 10.3.9 it says it requires an admin password.... i dont have it. Like i said, i bought it at a yard sale (and i dont want to go back and bang on a total stranger's door >_< is there any way around this? heh,oh and one last question... how do you use WIFI? lol i have an airport card on it but how do i use it to connect to the internet?
  5. Need help with a G3 laptop, please!

    Thanks for your help guys! Just a couple more questions... A. what does the firewire port look like? sorry. do i have to buy a special wire too? and B. you dont think that trick will hurt my G4, do you? im paranoid about this thing. lol well it was the last thing my dad gave me before he passed and i dont want to loose it (well i know i will someday but id like to prolong my poor baby's lifespan. lol). OH and another thing… the dvd drive on the G4 doesnt work either… so i have an external drive for it. LOL. If i try that trick will it work with it? and the external drive doesnt have a power cord to it either. it gets its power from the computer.
  6. Slow External Hard Drive

    i have the exact same exernal hard drive! The only problem i have with it is that when i first try to sync it to my desktop it takes a LONG time. itll take almost a minuite for it to sync. But then afterwards it is fine. As for uploading, i just uploaded a almost 300MB show and it took it 15 seconds (sorry i dont know how many MB/sec that is). how long does it take yours (and what size are the files)? and when its uploading do you really hear the thing (gears, whatever) grinding inside of it? thats another thing mine does that i dont like. good luck!
  7. Hi! I have a laptop im wondering if anyone can help me with. my story is, i bought it at a yard sale intending to give it to a friend's granddaughter. I thought it would be a nice little starter computer (she probably would never be able to afford one … well not for a long time) and i thought since today in this day an age if you dont have computer skills youre practically disabled in the job market, ya know? Anyways, long story short, this thing is a G3 10.2.8 (yeah practically a dinosaur). I have a universal 10.4 install disk but my problem is is that the dvd drive on the laptop is dead. I tried getting a external hard drive for it and it works on my G4 but the laptop wont recognize it. Some nice person on here suggested this... but i dont understand what he's talking about *shame*. i know almost nothing about computer "lingo" or hardware or anything at all. All i know is, it turns on, it turns off and thats it. LOL sorry! My father, God rest his soul, gave me my G4 and even though its slowly starting to show its age ive never had one problem with it (and i think he gave it to me around 2004, cant remember. but its been good to me and im a bona-fide mac'ian - that a word? - well anyways, if i didnt have to use one at my work id never use a windows pc). i thought id try here one more time before just giving in the towl and giving it to her as is (which really there's nothing wrong with it... as i said in another post , old doesnt mean totally useless. its all what you do with it. all she's going to use it for is researching reports, email, keeping in touch with friends, learning computer basics and typing, etc. so its perfect for her). thanks for any/all help!!! OH and one more thing… it has an airport card but ive never used wifi before ( *more shame*) so i cant figure out how to use it to get on the internet with it. how do you use it, please?
  8. Was buying this worth it?

    hey thats what i have! i got it cheap at a garage sale and i figured it would be a nice starter computer to my friend's granddaughter that lives down the street (she would probably never be able to afford one on her own and theyre like family so i thought what the heck!). outdated hardware doesnt mean its useless! i cant get on some sites (since its 10.2.8) but the majority are fine. its only problem is that its dvd drive is dead. i bought a new one for it but when i went online to learn how to install it i found out you have to take the ENTIRE thing apart!! along with its umteen BILLION screws to take out and God knows what else … i thought id better not chance it and left it alone (stupid … i spent $20 on that part and now i cant use it!). i tried buying an external drive but it didnt work on it (it did on my desktop though). Sad because i have a G4 universal install disk and i cant use it on it.
  9. How bad is it if OSX phones home

    After it does, tell it to call ET
  10. Mac Installation

    what does the install disk look like? id heard that the grey disks are specific to certain computers but the black ones are universal. hope it turns out ok for ya!
  11. Ipod Sync

    Then dont ever sync it to another computer again. lol :-p
  12. how do you take them apart? i have an odd thing my laptop is doing… it will read cd's but not DVD's ... what's going on? Do you think cleaning it will help mine read Dvd's? sorry im a newbie and dont know much.