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  1. HP Mini 210 HD Series. OSX Compatible?

    After bumping my head against the WiFi/Snow Leopard problem for two weeks or so, I broke down and bought a MacBook WiFi card on eBay for like $20. Popped it in the PCIE slot, and now it works like a charm.
  2. HP Mini 210 HD Series. OSX Compatible?

    Webcam worked in 10.5.1, but when I did the stock 10.5.8 upgrade, it stopped working. Video (youtube, etc.) will play back for a few seconds, and then freeze. Disc images won't mount in 10.5.1 though, but work fine in 10.5.8. Might wipe it again and try dual-boot 10.6/Win7 today.
  3. HP Mini 210 HD Series. OSX Compatible?

    Quick update- Chickened out today and started over with a 10.5.1 install via the same method. -NetbookMaker 0.8.4 wouldn't recognize my USB Leopard Installer, had to use 0.8.3. -Installer would hang on the grey Apple logo, so switched to 32-bit mode "-legacy" at the Darwin screen -WiFi now works like a dream -Trackpad AND BUTTONS seem to be working fine -Audio still not working, but I'm going to try some Kexts later today, will report back if I get it working
  4. HP Mini 210 HD Series. OSX Compatible?

    Bought a 210-1085NR (Blue!) last week, and installed 10.6 on it via the USB stick/Snow Leopard Retail disc/NetbookMaker method. Here are some issues I'm having so far: -Had to use NetbookMaker 0.8.4; 0.8.3 would kp when trying to load the installer. I put a fresh copy of the DVD onto the stick, then ran 0.8.4, and it booted right away. -Keyboard and trackpad worked right away, but the buttons still won't work. -WiFi/Airport not working at all. Won't recognize the card or anything. Opened her up and the card says it's a BCM 94312 HM -Audio seems to not be working either. Playing with it some more today, will update if I get anything going.