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  1. Installing on Biostar T-Series

    I'm trying pretty much the same setup. When trying to do this for a friend's PC, I got no help on the forums. I'm hoping we'll get some help ourselves I'm using the myHack installer and it freezes on the splash screen after the startup options screen. I can't find anything on these forums for help with how the BIOS should be setup. Here's my current setup: Biostar TA890GXB HD (using onboard graphics) AMD Phenom II x6 1055T 4 GBs (2x2GBs) DDR3 1600 MHz CL8 240 Plextor PX-880SA-26 This was such a nice and affordable setup... I hope it's possible to hackintosh it.. Help please D:
  2. M3N78-CM AMD Install - Won't Boot

    You're discovering how useless people are on these forums and how many will NOT help you. I have posted two different topics and no one's ever replied. I guess they think we're too stupid to deserve help... I empathize with you fully.
  3. Well I'm getting frustrated with my friend's PC that he wants Hackintoshed since it has an nForce board and just isn't working for me... Now for my own Hackintosh computer, I was thinking of going with this combo pack on Newegg. It contains a Gigabyte GA-MA785GM and a quad-core AMD Athlon II X4 620 2.6 GHz processor. This would rival the Mac Pro and I just want to know if it would be fairly straightforward to setup with myHack. I'm curious
  4. People are so helpful here aren't they? My recommendation is to not use whatever method you're using and try myhack: http://osx86.sojugarden.com/installer/ It seems I've gotten farther than you have using this method with a portable USB drive; however, I cannot unmount SATA drives and Windows 7 seems them as SCSI drives so I don't know >.< I really hate nForce motherboards.
  5. Installer won't unmount SATA drive

    So what makes my post worthy of a reply? What do I need to change to get someone to help me? Yes I have gone through that other nForce topic and I'm using that kext and have tried setting the BIOS settings to what it says but then the computer won't boot at all. I don't know what's going on and this is really frustrating. I thought this was a friendly, helpful community =(
  6. I am unable to (hdd won't unmount when trying to format in Mac OS X Extended for OS X install.. the bars just move forever as it tries to unmount) and I have searched through these forums and haven't found any help. Since I am new, I am unable to make a new topic but this is using myHack 1.0 and a retail DVD of 10.6 on a GUID formatted USB hdd. Mobo: EVGA nForce 780i SLI Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 kexts added to installer drive: AppleNForceATA & IOTAFamily Details: I think the issue lies with the BIOS... I can't see where to change the SATA drives to be AHCI and as you can see from the screencap above, they're being shown as SCSI devices D: I even tried updating my BIOS to the latest Award version but still the same options. These are the options in my BIOS: I would like to note that the hard drive I'm trying to install Mac OS X on (the other hdd has Win 7) used to be a two partition Linux drive for Ubuntu. I tried formatting it to one partition in Windows 7 to NTFS then formatting it in Mac Disk Utility from the Hackintosh installer drive and still wouldn't unmount... I'd appreciate any help I can get
  7. Decent Video players for Mac?

    Hey I checked out Movist and I may like this more than VLC. I love the fullscreen interface and media browser. VLC is nice cause it plays everything I throw at it, but I don't like it's media management, randomizer, or the lame boring unskinable interface.
  8. My eyeeeeeees (iTunes 9)

    I like it but still, why doesn't iTunes allow changing the color from the brushed silver? Even just to be able to tint it another color would be nice. And will iTunes EVER support FLAC? That would make it my dream player but then I guess then they'd have to make the iPods play FLAC too. And maybe one day iTunes will sell in lossless lol... Yeah I know I'm dreaming >.< What I do love is they are one of the most affordable digital download stores and have the highest quality music (save for wavs that can be bought on beatport and junodownload). I applaud them for that and wish more stores would sell in M4A. But why doesn't iTunes just use 320? 256 VBR is close but it's not too far off from 320..
  9. It works a little slow on my 1.66 GHz Intel Macmini but no surprise there lol.
  10. Installer cannot unmount drive

    I'm having this same issue but in 10.6... I'm moving my previous post from here to a new topic in 10.6 since I can do that now
  11. Thank you so much! Now Mac OS X install can see my sata drives but.. it seems to have trouble unmounting them D: