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    chain0 not working

    Bruce, the f8 thing works, thanks a lot. But somehow, in the process of editing boot.plist, i lost the extension and now there is no boot.plist. The darwin bootloader gives me that error. Is there a way for me to access the filesystem and add .plist to the end of that filename without reinstalling?
  2. R One Oh Seven

    chain0 not working

    I've installed 10.4.6 and I can boot it if I set the hfs partition active. Unfortunately, I need to dual boot into xp, so I tried to set it up with chain0, but whenever I pick chain0 from the menu, the screen goes blank for 2 seconds and it returns to the menu. What do I need to do to fix it?
  3. R One Oh Seven

    2 post install questions

    I got the sound working, but no luck with the bootloader. Could someone help me out?
  4. R One Oh Seven

    2 post install questions

    I finally managed to install 10.4.6 when I realized that all my problems were caused by a bad dvd burn. I now have 2 other problems. When I installed osx, I set its partition to active and installed the darwin bootloader. When it loads the darwin bootloader, i can choose xp or osx, either works. When I set the xp partition to active and edited boot.ini with chain0 and put the chain0 file on C:, i can select xp but choosing chain0 results in a flashing of the cursor for a second and returning to the menu. I much prefer the ntloader, so is there a way for me to fix this? Other problem: Whenever I start osx, it gives me an error about some audio driver kext not being installed properly and tells me to reinstall it. My sound card is also not detected in the sound control panel, though I know it's compatible. How do I reinstall those drivers?
  5. I'm trying to install the 10.4.6 JaS dvd onto my 9300, but when the installer stops booting at "waiting for root device". I've pulled out the hd and dvd and don't see any way to control the ide channel or master/slave. Can anyone help me out?