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  1. found the other files here- http://www63.zippyshare.com/v/595583/file.html
  2. I checked that image against the DVD that I used to successfully build my 490 with following this thread and it's exactly the same.
  3. found another ISO link: http://www15.zippyshare.com/v/84092764/file.html
  4. SOLD I have my Dell WS 490 listed on eBay for sale/auction. It was built per this thread. From the ad:
  5. My 490 is now running SL smoothly with a Gigabyte 6450 (AMD Radeon). Picked it up from Newegg with a $20 rebate- though looks like that's over. No extensive testing, but it did stream 1080p from youtube flawlessly.
  6. My t7250 shows 1.99ghz after every reboot. The 2.5.3 voodooHDA kext (s/l/e) fixed my audio in after sleep, but I still don't have trackpad clicking after sleep. Tried another voodoops2 with the trackpad plugin that rendered the trackpad and keyboard dead on reboot, so I'm back with the ps2 kext from the Leppy's iso.
  7. Baltic- I'm using Leppy's DSDT with this voodooHDA in s/l/e and have audio working after sleep and restart. Audio in via the internal mic is NOT working. That said, there's voodooHDA 2.5.3 up here, which I'll try next.
  8. Moving the voodoo HDA to s/l/e didn't fix the audio crackle after sleep- BUT I found a voodooHDA kext at kexts.com that had the fix and it worked for my D630 loaded to s/l/e. Anybody have a D630 solution for full track/touchpad scrolling? Tried several things with the latest voodoo trackpad.kext being the last and could never get the preference pane to load without crashing the sysprefs and error for ALPs trackpad not found.
  9. I did move the HDA to s/l/e. I had no sound (device wasn't even visible to the OS) when it was in e/e. Haven't moved the enet kext in there. Would that impact sound? I'm imaging the drive now, but will resume playing with it this weekend. thx
  10. Thanks to all the contributors/posters in this thread I've got my D630 running 10.6.2 in a completely usable state. The only noticeable issue at this point is some audio static after sleeping- but that's not to say that the audio isn't usable- just like a little bit of radio static. At least that's what it sounded like in a streamed Vimeo video (the sys sounds are far worse). What I've done: - Started with the D630/10.6.2 ISO and procedure at the beginning of this thread. - Swapped in Leppy's DSTM file(s) from the "d630nv_03022010.zip" (second post, this thread) - The downloaded and installed the most recent voodoohda.kext in s/l/e Did the repair & reboot- and tah dah! Next up is installing all my graphics apps and seeing how it manages a workout.