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  1. USB Wireless Adapters

    Hi again and thanks for the reply, Do you know where I can find the drivers for this device? Is there any "official" package or what? Thanks
  2. USB Wireless Adapters

    Hi everyone, since I've given up on trying to make my Atheros AR5007EG work I've decided to buy a USB wireless adapter. Could you please tell me which ones works better? I'm using iDeneb 10.4 (OSX 10.5.6). I've tried to do a search but it seems I didn't find anything useful and I would like to avoid buying an adapter just to find out it is not supported.. Any help is greatly appreciated. Byee
  3. Some questions for iPhone developers

    Yes, I'm already running XCode and the iPhone SDK on my Hackintosh and I'm starting to learn how to code simple applications. The main problem though is that I can't get the wireless card to work on Leopard and this is quite a big issue (moreover I've got some other problems with the keyboard and the audio not working). I've also read that it is difficult to get approved by Apple in their programs: is this true? What are their selection criteria? I don't want to buy a mac and then being refued by Apple, so I think I'll firstly enroll to see if I get approved. Is it so hard really?
  4. Some questions for iPhone developers

    Thanks for the reply. So, since I'm a single individual the standard things seems alright. The problem is, I'm already thinking about buying a Mac to start develop seriously and I can't afford to buy an iPhone/iPod touch too. The point I'm unsure about is it it just helps to have an iPhone (and this is true of course) or sometime when submitting my application it is *needed* to have an iPhone to make the submission. I could also use a friend's iPhone, but I'd like to know this before starting seriously.
  5. Hi, I was interested in starting to develop some iPhone applications and sell them through the AppStore, but before I commit time and money to this project I want to be sure that I fully understood what I need and what I don't to do this, so I'm asking some developer if he can answer my questions. I wanted to enroll in the standard program (99$ per year) and from what I've understood I don't need to be a company to do this. Do I need any specific "document" to be accepted (please note that I'm not from the US)? Also, I've seen that in the procedure you must follow to submit an application an iPhone is mentioned: do I need to have an iPhone if I want to submit applications or not? The iPhone simulator is nice, but if I need an iPhone anyway when submitting the application it is completely useless. So, in a few words I just wanted to know what *exactly* I do need, to avoid buying a mac or something and then later find out that I'm not allowed to submit my applications to the AppStore. Thanks, Bye
  6. At least you got it working Yesterday I was able to make it work again, using differect kexts and I managed to connect. I tried to reboot and it didn't give me the usual kernel panic, but wasn't able to see the networks anymore! I said "OK, this is better than a kernel panic". So I tried to install the kexts again and now it gave me the same kernel panic... this is so strage, anyone can help?
  7. Hi, I've followed the method described in this post: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...351&st=380# and it worked perfectly for the first time on my Asus X51L. Yesterday night my PC was listing wifi networks but I've not tried to connect because it was too late and I didn't have my WPA key available at the moment. Now, this morning I boot my hackintosh again and I find a nice kernel panic! It prints a lot of HEX address and then something like: Kernel loadable modules in backtrace (with dependencies): com.apple.iokit.CHUDKernLib(28)@0x2e54e000 followed by: BSD process name corresponding to current thread: kernel_task and some more information about my kernel etc... Anybody had this problem, too? Anybody knows how to solve it? In this thread (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/lofiversion/index.php/t25241.html) they suppose this is something related to Xcode (which I have installed) but I don't think this is my case because I had Xcode installed from more than a week and never had a problem; I think this is related to the wifi card. They simply suggest to delete the CHUD* files in /System/Library/Extensions, but this didn't work for me either. Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks!
  8. Realtek RTL8139/810x

    UP! Nobody's able to help me?
  9. Realtek RTL8139/810x

    Hi again, I've tried to re-install the driver I mentioned in the previous post and things are getting even worse. Now even if I boot up with the Ethernet cable plugged in under System Preferences -> Network it says there's no cable plugged in During the boot I've read some messages like: RTL8139 VendorID = 0x10ec ProdID = 0x8139 DevID = 0x0010 Found PIO Found MMIO Using PIO access mode Io access at crsBase= Some HEX numbers are missing but what I wrote is what is displayed. Using dmesg it only prints like the last 40 lines of the boot sequence and not the messages related the the Ethernet card. Please, I've already given up about trying to make the wireless work, but I need the Ethernet connection. Can somebody help me? PS: I've also tried the PCGenRTL8139 kext found in a sticky topic in this section, and it doesn't work
  10. Realtek RTL8139/810x

    Hi, I've read somewhere that this card should be natively recognized on OS X 10.5.6, but I'm not able to make it work. The card is recognized but it didn't connect to the Internet so I tried to install a kext called somewhat like AppleRTL8139.kext. Now if I go to System Preferences -> Network it says Status: Connected and something like "The connection has an automatic assigned IP address and may not work". If I open Safari it says I'm not connected to the Internet. Help?
  11. Installare IDENEB 10.5.7 su ASUS X51L

    Posto solo per dire che ho risolto seguendo questo how to: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=78235 e avviando al boot con le opzioni "cpus=1 -x -v -f". Magari puo' essere utile a qualcuno che capita in questo topic prima o poi. Byee
  12. Installare IDENEB 10.5.7 su ASUS X51L

    In verbose mode l'ultimo messaggio che appare e': "using 10458 buffer headers and 4096 IO cluster buffer headers", dovrebbe essere questo anche per lui visto che il modello di pc e' lo stesso. Ho cercato su Internet e a quanto pare riguarda i moduli che gestistono l'ACPI: alcuni dicono di aver sostituito AppleACPIPlatform.kext e IOACPIFamily.kext con altri proveniente da versioni diverse, ma non si capisce bene se sono riusciti a farlo funzionare o meno. PS: Io ho provato a sostituirli con una alcuni che un tizio aveva uppato su un forum dicendo che forse funzioanvano (non riferito al mio PC ma a questo problema in generale), e invece che bloccarsi si riavvia direttamente (non so se nello stesso punto o meno)
  13. Installare IDENEB 10.5.7 su ASUS X51L

    Oddio.. siamo nella germania nazista??? Non stavo assolutamente protestando contro la regola, era una semplice affermazione che voleva giustificare il mio post in un topic abbastanza vecchio... Se qualcuno puo' fare un'intervento piu' costruttivo e' il benvenuto
  14. Installare IDENEB 10.5.7 su ASUS X51L

    Salve a tutti, sono nuovo. Scusate se riuppo questo thread ma non ho la possibilita' di crearne uno nuovo visto che ci vogliono almeno 5 post, e comunque l'argomento e' lo stesso. Ho lo stesso PC e lo stesso problema di m4kk14v3ll1 nell'installare iDeneb. Non e' che qualcuno sa darci una mano? Grazie dell'aiuto!