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  1. Lenovo U350

    hello i had my iportable image with demonoid the name is "Portable Snow OSx86 10.6.2 Bootable USB image [intel SSE2/SSE3]" by protocolXT "http://www.demonoid.com/files/details/2122725/003694975025/" hope it will help you for the moment i don't have access to internet as i hope. I don't know if it's possible to create the iPortable stick in another OS :-( good luck
  2. Lenovo U350

    Perhaps, i think there is a error with iportable "image", i use the iportable stick to boot, and the iportable image (.dmg) to install; the file .dmg of iportable is in my doc partition, i don't boot on it. perhaps ...
  3. Lenovo U350

    Perhaps something to try is to install 3 partitions one with data (mac partition HFS + because with fat32 you cant use more than 4Gb and iportable.dmg is superior) one for windows (XP or otger) one for mac system try to use a DVD of Ideneb 1.6 lite (this is leopard 10.5.5) and to install cameleon after the installation of leopard you can then copy the iportable.dmg on the data partition (it is always usefull) then you can with dvd of ideneb delete the mac partition with disk utility (cameleon is always fine: to be verified) Then you boot from your hard disk with your iporatble stick in place, and then you choose with cameleon your stick (iportable) with -v option. Sometimes i need to try 2 or 3 times to be able to boot. Then when your are ok, with iportable, you mount you iportable dmg wich is in data partition and you install.
  4. Lenovo U350

    Finally i use iportable i install yours voodhda for my sound and it is ok thank you very much after install it i couldn't reboot so, i use the DVD Iaktos to boot and , i use the utilities to install PC EFI on my partion 2 disk 0 (partion where i install iportable) disk0s2, i don't install Iaktos, i just use DVD for the utilities then i reboot on my iportable partition, and sound and micro is fine. For ethernet i have to type in terminal "sudo ifconfig en 0 ether 00:00:00:00:00:xx because my MAC adress is null so i don't have correct IP. Else my Wifi is good fine with D-Link DWA-110, this is an external USB wifi. I have sometime problem with boot, 2 or 3 times with -v option and it is good I update osx to 10.6.4 with my internet connections, all seems to be fine except video (X3100 kext), ... i have reinstalled it and it is fine the integrated webcam is ok with Photo Booth (quality is no very good but it is a starting point)
  5. Lenovo U350

    in fact every time i try to install your kext i have a scratch and need to re-install oxs86 i use kext helper b7, i don't understand
  6. Lenovo U350

    thanks i feel good to learn that you have the same problem as me with the boot. I try your kext for ethernet, and it is not ok with mine, nothing detected, strange, i don't know why,ì will try to find, i should do something wrong, ! will try to re-install, perhaps an option during installation? i don't know will try to re-install to see if i see some differents i have sound and microphone, no ethernet, no video, i m afraid to test an other kext, when i try i finish with a full re-installation i belive that every time i use "Kext Utility" i need to reinstall my configuration; perhaps .. becarfefull with it Thank you very much
  7. Lenovo U350

    Thank you very much this is ok with voodoops2 during installation but i should have to boot 2 times before, else i don have any ethernet do you have a kext for it? and during boot somtimes i need to boot with -v to complete it, sometimes the boot block, i don't konw why strange? isn't? thank you very much i try for sound to use your voodooHda.kext by using "kext helper b7" and no it doesn't reboot. i delete this kext and now i don't have any sound, perhaps i do something wrong, i don't know (perhaps "kext helper b7" is not compatible with x64 kernel? i don't know) in fact i can use your voodoohad, if before i delete applehda.kext and applehda1062.kext but i don't have microphone else i don't have ethernet please thanks
  8. Lenovo U350

    for my part with iaktas dvd without modifying anything (language is french) i don't have ps2, keyboard, mouse but i have sound
  9. Lenovo U350

    i wil try iaktos with x32 to see if there is some better thinks i download it thank you very much I try to boot with iaktos with usb but nothing?? MBR or GUID? to install it i burn a dvd and i need to try to install it but i was wrong with the option so i will try with other install option
  10. Lenovo U350

    Please can you give us information about your dvd install (Ideneb, iatkos, iportable or other), with 64 bits or 32 bits kernel, which one? please thank you very much
  11. Lenovo U350

    Please can you give us information about your usb version? thank you very much
  12. Lenovo U350

    yes, with ideneb 10.5 on dvd, i manage to hackintosh U350, but with leopard i had problems with sound so i try to test snow with iportable, but now my boot is becoming a piece of luck, i boot 3 times and more, every time, with -v (verboose) option to boot so it is not very cool.
  13. Lenovo U350

    As you i don't use the section "Set bootflag with G-parted editor" for my usb stick, but actually i have some problems for booting from my hard disk, so i believie i will go back to 10.5
  14. Lenovo U350

    ok with iportable DVD, about sound is ok with the voodooHda which is in the DVD about video i use the x3100 kext which is in the DVD (correct resolution no artefact, but no QE/CI) no wifi, i use a usb wifi D-LINK (DWA-110 model)
  15. Lenovo U350

    i m a newbees i can't help you with an other lenovo Sorry