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  1. After a fresh install of 10.4.6 (JaS patched DVD) on a Dell D600, everything works fine, during the welcome screens, even recognize and connect to my wireless network, but at normal operation, the airport MenuBar icon is empty, and if I click on it it says the airport is not configured. Also on the system profiler, it does recognize Airport Extreme, Firmware version 100.9 (, but under Current Wireless Network says AirPort is currently turned Off. After boot, nothing. No wireless, Airport still recognized but "turned off".. Any ideas?? Thanks!!
  2. iPod Video for SALE

    1-Yes I can ship to the UK - email me ou send me a private msg for instructions 2-About Paypal, the 1st time I bought, paid, and got a rock shipped to me, since it was "trackeable", gave me a "good day"... Second time, I sold a laptop, the guy received, but at the end of the year, he chalenged the charge on his credit card, he could do that because his method of funding his paypal acct. was trough the cc. Paypal told me that the seller protection does not cover that, so I lost around 1200 bucks... 3- International money order is cool, or if you can suggest another method, I'm open.
  3. ATI Radeon X800 GTO 128MB

    PCI-E, sorry..
  4. ATI Radeon X800 GTO 128MB

    in the original box, ATI Radeon X800 GTO 128MB Ram. 120 bucks shipped, or 115 P/U in East Lansing.
  5. iPod Video for SALE

    I got this iPod Video (BLACK) when I got the iMac Core Duo, just because of the rebate, my iPod Mini serves my needs, so I can cash in the Video one. It has always being protected by a silicone sleve, so it is in "like new" condition. NO PAYPAL, sorry, got burned twice there.. the iPod can be delivered in the Lansing/Detroit/Grand Rapids area for 10 bucks, or shipped in the original box via Fedex Ground for 10 bucks, or Express for 18 bucks. I want 250 bucks for the iPod, including all the original contents of the box and the black silicone sleeve.
  6. VERY SIMPLE METHOD: get a netgear 511T MADE IN KOREA (Atheros), install the 10.4.4 patched to 10.4.5, copy the networking kext files, reapir permissions, reboot and voila!! you have an airport!!!
  7. missing operating system

    Look around the forums for a guide to rebuild the bootloader using a Live CD (Linux)
  8. Pentium D 805 Booting in 9 seconds!

    more info about this same machine, now booting OSX, WinXP PRO and Ubuntu 64bit http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=13652
  9. Pentium D System booting OSX 10.4.5 / Ubuntu 64bit / Windows XP Pro Sorry for the superficial guide, I'm working on a real step-by-step one, most likely to be ready tomorrow(4/1) Here's the site: http://phikz.com/wordpress/?p=24 Here's the video: http://phikz.com/3under5.mov Enjoy!!
  10. Pentium D 805 Booting in 9 seconds!

    Better yet: a video of it. http://phikz.com/wordpress/?p=23
  11. This is my third macIntel, and I can't believe how fast this one is: 9 sec from boot to fully loaded! this are the machine specs: Intel D945GNT Intel Pentium D 805 (Dual core 2.66Ghz) 512 MB DDR2 RAM 533Mhz Creative Sound Blaster Live! USB Onboard Video (QE and CG) Memorex 16X DVD+/-RW WD 160GB SATA 7200RPM (Windows XP and Ubuntu 64bit) WD 80GB PATA 7200RPM (OS 10.4.5) I'll be posting videos of the booting process to my site soon, at fastmacs.org Beat that, Powermac!!! (it probably wil...)
  12. Same problem here, if I use the mic in, all quits, works fine after reboot any solution for that yet?
  13. Airport?

    My Netgear WG511T (Atheros chipset) is detected an an Airport.
  14. All systems go! IBM Thinkpad R40 Pentium 4M 1.8GHZ 60GB 5400RPM 1GB RAM Netgear W511T (atheros AR5001-000-000) USED: - JAS PATCHED 10.4.3 8F1111 - MAXXUSS PATCH 8F1111A (G) - Copied network .kext files from 10.4.5 and changed permissions Have fun!!
  15. 10.4.4 Security Broken

    here's my 5 cents: If Maxxus or any other hacker make 10.4.4 fully functional AND upgradable, I'll go to an Apple Store and buy the original.