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  1. Hi All, I created a Mavericks install ISO for my Mac Pro 8 core. It went without a hitch. Is there a place to post install ISOs ? To be honest I was somewhat dissapointed with the new release. My 10.7.x desktop looks much better. I'm going to copy dock.app from 10.7 over to my 10.9 system drive to see if it works. I'm testing 3D performance too. So far Team Fortress plays better on 10.7. I'm going to test some more and run some Nvidia CUDA benchmarks. My main drive to attempt a 10.9 install on my old mac pro 8 core is because some new applications are not available for 10.7 or older. It's kind of early to cut support for 10.7 or 10.6 for that matter. My old 8 core runs vmware/linux very well. I don't plan on replacing it any time soon. My Macpro 8 core is very stable.
  2. Hi All, I'm trying to get firewire to work with my hackintosh running on an HP pavillion m9040n The stock firewire adapter is a Agere Systems FW322/323. Has anyone had any luck getting a kernel extension to support it ? If you have can you point me in the direction to get it ? Thanks
  3. If you want a decent virtualization environment for FREE you should check out virtualbox.org.. it's evolving quickly now. They are working on Aero support and 3D support for Linux. USB 2.0 support is included. I'm using a RALINK 801.11g adapter dedicated to my Linux vm.. works fine. I think the windows ralink driver has an issue. but that's a ralink issue. I'm still testing USB 2.0 funtionality. it appears it's very stable with a linux guest.. some issues with windows 7.. then again my linux install is 64bit and my windows 7 install is 32bit. .. so.. If you don't want the bleeding edge you can run an older version.. 3.0.12, it appears that there are no USB issues there.
  4. Random Crashes since 10.6.2

    It may not be your update... what kernel extensions are you using. I'm running a Q6600 quad core, 10.6.2 and LUCKILY it's been very stable. I run chrome, itunes, iMovie, iPhoto, NeoOffice, handbrake, virtual box for my linux and windows operating system. Carbon copy cloner for DR. Check your system logs, maybe there will be a hint to what's going on there. Next time an application crashed, click on report, save the report to a while and post it in this thread. I'll take a look.
  5. Install SATA HD in Blackwidow ESATA drive dock Partition / format with Disk Utility Fire up Carbon Copy Cloner Clone hackintosh system drive to drive in dock Install Hackintosh bootl oader on the new cloned drive after done, reboot with cloned drive to test. Works every time.
  6. My disaster recovery backups restored flawlessly into Virtual Box. The way I migrate a virtual machine is ising CloneZilla.. I Clone the disk image to my network storage. I fired up Virtual Box on my hackintosh, created my virtual machine profile, used my clonezilla disk as the iso to boot, restore to my virtual machine drive.. Linux works right away. Windows 7 works no audio. No problem though just download the AC97 drivers from Realtech (that's what's emulated) and boom.. audio! I am presently doing a P2V of my development Linux system. Once this is done I'm going wipe out the storge it was on and create another mac volume and migrate my vms there. I am really liking this. This Quad Core is pretty quick! And the Insanely Mac forums plus all the hard work done by the contributors of the code that made this all possible made my job a lot easier. I can't believe how stable this box is! I tested with my m-audio keyboard with garageband, I created a HD DVD from iMove and Toast 9. The only problem I've encountered with virtualization on macos is that when you enable internet sharing it's not true bridging... I'm gonna find tap, install that and see if that works better.
  7. I figured it out! I used a hexeditor and looked at the drive! It was configured correctly! So I figured that there must be limitations with my Black Widow or my HP Pavilion m9040n when booting off of USB. So I dug around the basement and found an ESATA edge connector and cable. installed the edge connector and used my 5th SATA slot (the motherboard has 6 SATA connectors) and connected the BlackWidow. I was able to boot off my 500GB bakup drive in the dock! So there are no issues with the workflow, only limitations when booting off of USB 2.0 for some people. When I created the original image I used my 160GB SATA drive and I could boot off of it via usb fine. So here's the workflow for you newbies When making a disaster recovery image. Use Carbon Copy cloner after the backup is complete install Chameleon or the Empire EFI Myhack to your freshly cloned drive. If you are cloning to a drive that's smaller than 500GB USB would be fine.. it the drive is larger and you run into issues then connect it via ESATA. The Black Widow ESATA/USB drive dock works well for me. If you have supported SATA ports on your motherboard use that first.. if not buy a compatable SATA card! I can not friggen believe how fast iMovie renders my 720p home family videos! DAMN!
  8. Is there an issue booting off the 4th drive ? I have an external SATA drive in a Black Widow external box. I'm connected via USB until I find an external SATA to internal SATA cable. The backup drive is disk3. I reinstalled the bootloader, still no luck. This is what I did: Step 1. Gain Root priveledges and navigate to Chameleon Directory sudo -s cd Desktop/Chameleon-2.0-RC4-r684-bin/i386 Step 2. Install boot0 to the MBR: sudo fdisk -f boot0 -u -y /dev/rdisk3 Step 3. Install boot1h to the partition’s bootsector: sudo dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdisk3s1 Step 4. Install boot to the partition’s root directory: sudo cp boot "/Volume/Hackintosh Backup" Does anyone have any ideas ? The backup drive is a WD 500GB SATA drive I did the original install to a 160GB SATA in the same Black Widow usb/SATA port. after I had it working I carbon copied the 160 to my 1TB WD and then ran the MyHack utility First attempt and I had a working system. I got a 5500GB drive to clone to for now put it in the same slot as I did the install to the 160GB drive. I carbon copied the data from the 1TB drive (300gb right now) , ran the myhack and install it on "/Volumes/Hackintosh Backup".. and no go.. I didn't get passed boot 1:/boot So I did the Chameleon install by hand as stated above, still the same error Any help would be appreciated.
  9. I did that successfully with my 160gb hd attached to my black widow usb drive. I bought a larger drive, I ran carbon copy, I ran the Myhack installer.. just as I did with my smaller emerrgency boot drive. I rebooted off the larger usb drive and I hang at boot1:/boot I rebooted and ran the chameleon boot loader installer and used the backup usb drive as a target, same issue. I ran pfix on the drive and rebooted, same thing. I booted off the Empire EFi cdroml selected the usb drive.. everything booted.. I ran the boothack installer. same issue.. hangs at the same place. Does anyone have any idea of what's going on ? I followed the exact same steps as I ded with my smaller drive. The larger drive is a Western Digital 500GB drive. My source drive is a Hitachi 1TB.. but it's only got 250GB of data right now.
  10. Hi, Wow.. have you tried the Empire EFI hack? It's pretty straight forward. I installed 10.6.2 on a HP Pavilion quad core. My powemac g5 has been having motherboard issues lately so I figured now was the time to do it. I'm amazed at how fast iMovie imports my HD video shot from my camcorder. Also video rendering is much faster too. Now that I'm gonna use the hackintosh instead of my old powermac g5 for work, I need to know what are you all doing for a backup strategy? I used carbon copy and learned quickly after the copy is done I need to install the bootloader. Is there a OSx86 community disk clone application written that automates all of this ? Also my quad core has 3 operating systems on three seperate drives. I've got OpenSuse Linux 11.3, Windows 7, and Macos 10.6.2 Upon initail bootup I get a warning message stating that I need to initiailize a volume.. of course I click on ignore since this is macos not detecting my Linux volume, is there a way of preventing the OS from scanning that hard drive ? Also here's a test video of my hackintosh:
  11. Working SIP client for Snow Leopard

    I used VoodooHD.kext to get sound to work.
  12. I use handbrake.. it's a fast mp4 converter. I don't know about 3gp though I never tried that.
  13. Google Chrome BETA is finally here!

    I just installed it thanks! Wow.. it's much faster then mozilla.. but I'm addicted to using the Cooliris plugin.
  14. Logic Pro 9.1 Issue (hackintosh)

    You'll get the error even on authentic mac hardware.
  15. Autodesk Smoke on Mac

    I don't have an 8 core, I wonder if my 4 core can cut it. In the meantime have you ever checked out Blender ? www.blender.org That's what I use.