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  1. asus 1005ha sleep and battery indicator

    Thanks for the link I'll check it out!
  2. asus 1005ha sleep and battery indicator

    Well I got Snow Leopard on my netbook but I haven't completely got it the way I want to. The sleep mode doesn't work entirely, when I close the lid or go to sleep manually the screen freezes but the it doesn't turn off and to return I can sometimes press the power button and I get access to my mouse and all that but if I wait too long the whole computer freezes. I heard that about a ClamshellDisplay.kext at Superhai.com but it appears to have been taken off and I can't find it anywhere else. Also my battery indicator doesn't work and I haven't found a fix for that either. And finally if anyone knows about a kext or program so I can change my brightness (preferably with the hot keys already on my keyboard) let me know.
  3. Quake live for mac released

    this is an awesome game and works great even on my netbook (though i wouldnt play it on there) for a free browser based game this is exceptional! only thing i want is gamepad support but im not even sure if thats possible with a browser based game
  4. Unofficial Guild Wars port v.1.2.2 & 1.3.14

    You still have to pay one time to make an account right? My uncle gave me his account a long time ago and I recall him saying something about that
  5. Steam for OS X is REAL!

    if this is just an april fools joke, i might seriously cry. but that would be too cruel of them.
  6. Most addictive Mac games

    Plants vs. Zombies!!! runs perfect on my mac mini not so well on my hackintosh netbook but thats whatev
  7. Top 10 Applications for Hackintosh Netbooks

    hmmm firefox iPhone SDK my enGenius usb wifi app transmission