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  1. JuniperSprouts

    Java Programmers, Unite!

    Oh, yes! Java does get a bit of hate from various corners, but it definitely has its benefits! Great to see you fighting for your dreams! Best of luck!
  2. Thanks mackyreddy for the detailed guide. I'm sorry these ballbags keep hijacking the thread with off-topic lunacy.
  3. JuniperSprouts

    Get Great Windows 8 Features Without the Upgrade

    Metro is worthless (to me) on a desktop. I like the: Minimum Requirement: A sense of humor…
  4. Pinout of 2009-2011 iMac 205W PSU...I will do terrible things to get this info. Terrible things.
  5. JuniperSprouts

    Rate the sig and avatar of the person above you.

    Av: 5/10 Sig: 5/10 (at least there are no graphics)
  6. JuniperSprouts

    Introduce yourself.

    Howdy, Can you help me with my hackintosh build...I...just kidding! Let us rage together!
  7. JuniperSprouts

    I'm on a mother flippin Mac!

    Well done.