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  1. Has anyone ever got the LPC bus injection working on D620-Nvidia? The injector i have doesnt seem to do anything, im pretty sure this is the only thing inhibiting c-state and p-state generation through chameleon.
  2. Running 10.6.5 great, using a D620 Intel Core Duo, nVida quadro 110m (efi string), all accept sleep work, but other than that its smooth. im using a broadcom 4301 wifi card with firmware modded apple vendor id, using dsdt found on 1st post. all updates etc...also allowing EasyBCD to chainload either chameleon rc5 or win7 loader. the only weird thing i have had to deal always no matter how many updates was that the clocks between osx and windows will always be 2 hours out of sync. OSX usually being the correct one. oh well, small price to pay.
  3. Here is a dump of all the ACPI tables for an nVidia D620 with A10 Bios and T2500 CPU. These are decompiled but not fixed or optimized. Hoping someone can figure out the right fixes for C-State and AppleLPC. D620NV_A10_ACPI_Tables.zip
  4. Go to Kexts.com and get the sleepenabler.kext for your version of osx. 10.6.2 snf 10.6.3 both have fixed kexts available on there.
  5. What kinds system do you have? is it an nvidia or intel gpu? Any idea regarding USB and SATA fixes for 10.6.3?
  6. Im trying that Clamshell kext right now, it works, but its doesnt resume automatically when you open the lid, and since i dont have full trackpad support, i need to use the powerbutton to wake it. Its more than i had before though. I installed the newest voodoobattery 1.3.2 in e/e and rebuilt mkext and now i have my batt meter at the top and the thing wakes from sleep when i open the lid, pretty fast too, the only thing not working now is the display sleep w/ lid open and full trackpad support, and PCMCIA. Guess ill just keep trying different combos and see what i get.
  7. I just installed the Sleepenabler.kext 10.2 for OSX 10.6.2 and it work for enabling all sleep accept the display. I just put it in the /Extras/Extensions folder and rebuilt the mkext and it worked. Anyone know how to fix the display sleep on a nvidia D620? Also installed Chameleon RC4 since leppy's disc comes with RC3. Used ipoco's installer? then rebuilt mkext in the /Extras folder and voila!
  8. Great work dude! everything is working great, i have the same system as you. Have you managed to get the pcmcia card slot working? and if i wanted to use a hacked SL install disc that permits MBR installs, can i still use your boot disc or would it need to be modified?