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  1. I've tried some of the possible solutions found here, but none helped me. Is there any? Thanks in advance! Everything is working really well, except the damn HDD. System is 10.4.8 with 8.8.1 core. Here is all the hardware: ATA Device Physical Info Manufacturer Seagate Hard Disk Name Barracuda 7200.7 Plus 160023 Form Factor 3.5" Formatted Capacity 160 GB Device Description North Bridge: ATI RC410 South Bridge: ULi/ALi M1575 Computer Type ACPI Multiprocessor PC Motherboard System Memory 1024 MB (DDR2-667 DDR2 SDRAM) Motherboard Name Asus P5RD2-VM (2 PCI, 1 PCI-E x1, 1 PCI-E x16, 2 DDR2 DIMM, Audio, Video, Gigabit LAN) Motherboard Chipset ATI Radeon Xpress 200 CPU Type DualCore Intel Pentium D 820, 2800 MHz (14 x 200) BIOS Type AMI (05/30/06) Storage Storage Controller SCSI/RAID Host Controller SMART Hard Disks Status OK Optical Drive _NEC DVD_RW ND-3500AG (DVD+R9:4x, DVD+RW:16x/4x, DVD-RW:16x/4x, DVD-ROM:16x, CD:48x/24x/48x DVD+RW/DVD-RW) Optical Drive VT6100F EJF612F SCSI CdRom Device IDE Controller ALi M5229 PCI Bus Master IDE Controller IDE Controller Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller Disk Drive ST3160023A (160 GB, 7200 RPM, Ultra-ATA/100) Disk Drive ST3160023A (160 GB, 7200 RPM, Ultra-ATA/100)
  2. Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    Well, thanks anyway I solved this problem by buying an external ethernet card
  3. Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    Sent it ( DaemonES gmail com)
  4. Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    Still nothing ((((
  5. Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    No success at all. I have an ASUS P5RD2-VM motherboard with a gigabit Realtek 8168/8111 onboard. Right after installing OS from JaS 10.4.7 DVD I have no Lan working. In the system profiler I can see a built-in ethernet (type: etnernet hardware: ethernet bsd device name: en0). Network tool doesn't show anything. Ethernet is grayed out in network setting (control panel). Installing the hard way or via installer didn't help at all, though there were no problems installing. Is there any way to enable that damn ethernet? Thanks in advance