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  1. Backup Disc?

    So...I've installed all the kexts and got dual booting with Windows 7 and Snow Leopard working together on my machine... How do I create a backup/recovery disc of my "perfect" running system to insure that I won't have to go through this headache again if something breaks my system in the future? I want my partitions and Windows 7 setup backed up. I've found this program called SuperDuper but apparently it only backs up the Mac partition not the other ones
  2. how did you get the mosue to work properly? the acceleration is horrible US Overdrive doesn't recongize it neither does the logitech control center Steermouse does but keeps saying the serial is invalid and then stops working
  3. Mouse Acceleration

    but i have a logitech mouse and yes i've tried the logitech control centre...doesn't work with it, such a pain in the butt....why wouldn't they release a software that can work with all their devices...so stupid
  4. Mouse Acceleration

    are there any alternatives to steermouse? i like the program but can't seem to find a serial that works with it keeps telling me the serial is expired then stops working
  5. which install disc did you use? i've tried Jas 10.4.8 and it works fine...you can update to 10.4.9 with koolkal update package (from the usual places )
  6. you had to click on the custimization button at the bottom left corner when jsut hte screen before the installing begins it's got leopard ---> hard drive
  7. this board never worked with tiger so i highly doubt it will work with leopard
  8. what were the options that you selected for installing? did you have EFi checked off?
  9. i got iAtkos working by not installing vanilla and EFI but can't get kalway to work
  10. ASrock Conroe945G-DVI

    when installing kalway, did you guys type F8 and then typed vanilla? my computer would reboot while doing that only way for me to install was hit F8 then -v otherwise the install wouldn't go through??? EDIT: tried it, computer still restarts after the countdown
  11. ASrock Conroe945G-DVI

    i've finally managed to install iATKOS after several tries...pretty much only installed Leopard, didn't install EFI....computer won't boot if i installed EFI didn't install any extra programs/kext either...didn't really test anything else.....i've decided to go back to my trusty tiger also I had to use the disk utitlity from my Jas 10.4.8 disk to to format my HD, otherwise it wouldn't boot couldn't get kalway to work at all
  12. ASrock Conroe945G-DVI

    ok, did as you told me and this time i see the darwin boot screen to select windows or mac screen but if it boots into the mac, the computer would reboot i've put enabled for NX/XD any idea why it's rebooting....i actually thought it was going to work when i saw the darwin boot screen but it didn't did you select both the vanilla kernal & ACPI_fix? i've noticed that DUNE said on this kalway thread that you need ACIP 2.0 Support: Enabled ACPIAPIC: enabled but we don't have those settings on our board in the bios
  13. any way to create a GUID partition on my HDD without re-installing everything i already have on my HDD? are there any programs that can convert it to GUID or do i have to reinstall everything?
  14. ASrock Conroe945G-DVI

    anyone got kalway to work? i've got it to install but nothin happens afterwards? It says installation succesful but then just hangs after post can someone post their bios settings? i've tried with acronis so i can dual boot
  15. Hi, this one is quite odd but my computer cannot boot anymore without the lan wire plugged in it. I've used Acronis disk director to create partition and to dual boot Xp and Hackintosh in the pass. Power supply is the one that came with my case: Antec NSK3480 and the rest of the spec are in my siggy. I'm using the onboard graphic and the lan. i've tried formatting my hard drive, and re-install windows xp still no luck... sigh...might have screwed up the boot.ini, could that be why? Any clue guys?