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    Airport-like app for Ralink 2870

    Hey everyone, This has been great. Thanks for all the posts, they have helped me get as far as I am now. (2870 all working) However, has anyone ever tried altering the driver? I'm hoping to disable legacy support on my chipset so wireless n is the only option. Long and complicated story but boils down to fact that on a router that can't be tied to only n (I want to use an iphone on it) the ralink 2870 and mac seem to default to wireless g. Can I turn off this support? Any ideas how? Thanks all
  2. Redbulladdict2115

    USB wireless

    Quick one (that may turn into something a little larger) I have an airport extreme and it doesn't have a setting for allowing ONLY wireless n on the 2.4GHz freq. My ADDON wireless USB dongle (ralink 2870 chipset) for some reason is defaulting to wireless g and not n. I was hoping (I've seen it can be done in linux but I'm stuck on Mac here) if anyone knows how I can disable wireless a/b/g but keep wireless n enabled, in the ralink 2870? Is it a kext edit I need to learn how to do? Has anyone done it or have an idea how? Please help its driving me crazy. I've tried everything with the Airport extreme. That avenue is a dead end. Thanks all. Ad (p.s for some reason its not letting me post my own reply. I don't have permission?)