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    G5 Hackintosh - First attempt

    yes, i'm using apple wireless card (bcm4322) with mini PCI-E adapter and Apple Bluetooth card from MacbookPro connected to USB on MB. I think that you can't use combo card (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth) from Apple with mini PCI-E adapter because it has 18 pins, PCI-E has 26 pins, so they are not compatible. air direction of the cpu fan is going from inside of the pc to front out
  2. jopa1200mk2

    G5 Hackintosh - First attempt

    definitely, here is a picture of my first idea... I wanted to put hard disk in coolermaster bay rafter but I didn't was satisfied with the result. I don't like cables!
  3. jopa1200mk2

    G5 Hackintosh - First attempt

    No they did not! G5 60mm fans are very loud and I had to install speed controller because my priority for this mod was to built silent PC Thanks temps are 27-29C (If I can believe to HWMonitor app). Maybe I will separate power supply and hdd but definitely hdd will stay at the bottom of the case, because I want to keep minimalistic look without visible power and SATA cables. For now everything seems to work very nice Thanks. Thanks man.
  4. Hi everyone! Firstly thanks to all the amazing people on this forum for inspiration and helping me get my Hackintosh up and running. This is my first case mod ever… Here is my system specs: CPU-Intel i5 3330 MB-Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H RAM-Corsair 2X4Gb 1600 MHz GPU_XFX 5670 1Gb with Accelero S1 passive cooler SSD-Mushkin 60 Gb HDD-Seagate 1TB PSU-Chieftec 400W LG DVD/CD RW Apple Bluetooth module Apple Wi-Fi module Antec cooler H2O 620 2X 120 mm Fan 500 RPM 1X 80 mm Fan 1000 RPM G5 CASE OS-OS X ML 10.8.3 What I wanted to do with this project is minimalistic and clean mod with "perfect" cable management The hardest part of the job was making the back of the enclosure in which I used a 1.5 mm thick aluminum sheet with inner rear plate of my old ATX case. All aluminum work is home-made. Power supply is put together in the original PSU case with the Hard and SSD drive, and that combination is cooled with the original G5 60 mm fans.This may seem strange combination putting HDD and PSU in one case, and I was a little bit skeptic, but for now everything is working great and temperatures not exceed 28 Celsius Mount for front fans is made of aluminum profile. Case interior is lined with black self adhesive foil. The end result is here, the configuration is very fast and quiet, and I am very satisfied with my first G5 case mod Next thing what I want to do is replace power supply with better one (maybe 500-600W) and buy a new graphic card (AMD 7xxx) Thanks for watching