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  1. iLenovo G550

    i have installed legancy_kernel 10.7.0 but now the system can be started only in safe mode. please tell me how cancel the consequences of this update or how uninstall it.thanx!
  2. iLenovo G550

    sometimes when I start I get an error and I must to press power button for restart.after that if start with -v show me Previous Shutdown Cause: 3.any idea?
  3. iLenovo G550

    I understand for wifi!I'm interested that I can do for lan.I updated my bios with version from this page (http://ilenovo-g550.ultrahostinguk.co.uk/)...I hope that we speak about same think.For the moment i use an adapter lan-usb but is very unaesthetic.would be great that I can use my network card.I mention that my model is lenovo g550 type 20023.
  4. iLenovo G550

    I have a question!My lenovo g550 have wireless intel 5100 agn and lan broadcom.is there any option to run one of them?
  5. iLenovo G550

    any results?
  6. iLenovo G550

    Mac OS X v10.6.5 Update?anyone installed? is safe? what to do? kills video or audio?
  7. iLenovo G550

    worked perfectly!sound works again!the only problem left is the post yesterday,Can you give me an answer please ?Thank you very much!
  8. iLenovo G550

    I succed to install snow leopard and all works perfectly but when the computer starts and after I select the leopard partition displays the following message(I have attached a photo).After I press any key system is loaded and everything is ok.which may be the problem?I mention that I copied only the files from the preboot.dmg to extra folder of snow leopard partition and I replaced the dsdt.aml with version for my video card(nvidia 210m).should copy all folder from the extra folder of cd boot including preboot.dmg?sorry for my English!
  9. iLenovo G550

    I have a question!snow leopard can be installed from a usb?
  10. iLenovo G550

    I tried Snow Leopard 10.6.1-10.6.2 Intel AMD made by Hazard but I could not install.which version you recommend?what is the best for lenovo g550?
  11. iLenovo G550

    I have a question! Snow Leopard DVD should be normal or a DVD especially for non-Apple users (like ideneb, hazard ... etc.)