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  1. Inside the 24 inch iMac

    Thanks a lot Caslon!!! I was waiting for such a picture. Now, does anyone recognize the type of connector? I suppose one is for power and one for the video-in signal... Come on. We are close to keeping that beautiful display once the iMac itself has to retire... :-) Anyone have any knowledge on TFT-Displays?
  2. Inside the 24 inch iMac

    That's really a pity. I would have liked a 7900 in an iMac. But thanks a lot for trying. Honestly. I don't know if I would have had the courage to open my iMac. By the way, did you get another glimps at the internal display-connector? Cheers, Lev
  3. In general yes (gamecube, Wii, PS1, PS2, Saturn...) but no HD I think. Hence no PS3 or XB360 I think. Just look through the f.a.q. on eh elgato-HP. It's all in there... cheers, lev
  4. Inside the 24 inch iMac

    Ok, so I guess we have to be patient for now :-) But I think I have come up with another way to use the imac's display with another mac. If you attach an Elgato EyeTV hybrid (http://www.elgato.com/index.php?file=home) to the usb-port of your imac you provide the imac with a s-video-in. According to Elgato you can then for example attach a console and play without latency on he imac's screen. Now if you attach a DVi-to-s-video adapter to the dvi-port of the graphics card of a mac pro for example and plug in the s-video-out of the adapter into the imac via the EyeTV device you should see the mac pro's image on the imac's screen. Theoretically. But I don't know how good the image quality would be. Still, a direct connection to the imac's display (inside the imac) would be better in my opinion. Any thoughts on this one? cheers, lev
  5. Inside the 24 inch iMac

    Sorry to be a pain in the a$$ ;-) but are there any news on the display-connector-front? Do you recall the shape or have some fotos you did not post so far? thanks, lev
  6. Inside the 24 inch iMac

    I agree with Caslon concerning the media center. Still, with the imac you can do that already via some elgato-toy (watching tv I mean) !!! But as far as I know you cannot hook up the imac to a different mac and use the imac's display for that new mac. You can only mirror/expand the imac's desktop via the imac's mini-dvi-out That's why it would be interesting to know if the internal connector (which ,I suppose, feeds the video signal into the imac-tft) can be replaced by the dvi-out of another graphics unit... EDIT: sorry, went to take a coffee while composing the message. Did not notice that Don Luca responded in the mean time :-)
  7. Inside the 24 inch iMac

    So I guess one is for power and one for the video input. Were you able to identify the shape of the video input connector??? lev
  8. Inside the 24 inch iMac

    Aloha everybody, first of all thanks for this great thread. It answered a lot of my questions. But I would also like to add one myself. This one is for Caslon. In your pictures I cannot see how the Display is connected inside the imac. If it were simply with something like an internal dvi connector you could easily hook up the imac to, say a mac pro once you want to upgrade your hardware. That way you would not loose that beautiful display and could use it with the new mac. any thoughts??? bye, lev