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  1. Hey guys, I need a running and stable MAC OS for an upcoming college project. I already tried two days to get it up and also did a lot of research and googling but I still haven´t managed to get it running so far. First of all here is my hardware: Asus P6T W3540 (core i7 940 as Xeon) 6GB Corsair Dominator 2000CL7 Radeon 5970 I disabled HT and A20M in Bios. VT is enabled. Storage configuration is IDE (can´t use AHCI for now because it would have to reinstall Windows too than and since i´m using VMware for iATKOS it shouldn´t be that important). I´m running VMware Workstation 7.0.1 and using following settings: Custom Install: OS->Other(FreeBSD 64bit), Number of Processor=1, Number of Cores=4, 1024MB MEM, LSI Logic, SCSI Drive Thats more or less what I found on Google as recommendation. After boot i press F8 and use -v cpus=1 busratio=21, boots fine and I´m able to install iAKTOS. Creating new partition with Disk Utility (Mac OS extended (journaled)) and set Master Boot Record. Customize Install afterwards. I already tried many different combinations of drivers so far. I read that Voodoo Kernel 9.0.7 adds core i7 support but everytime i used v9.0.7 it ended up in an endloss reboot afterwards, so i used 9.0.5, that got me a bit further. Belonging to the driver, i tried different combination as i stated before but it always ended up in the same problem. After installation is complete i get in the GUI Mode with the green cameleon. I enter -v cpus=1 busratio=21 again, system boots up. And this is what i got all the time after a while of waiting. System Doze :? Sometimes I also got the error msg, that my CPU has been blocked by the guerst system or something like this. I also tried modifieng my vmx file with: monitor.virtual_exec = "hardware" monitor.virtual_mmu = "software" paevm = "TRUE" since i read it here on the forum, but it hasen´t helped me either I really need some help on this. I guess i have to use Kernel 9.0.7 for i7 but like i said i only got endless reboots after installation with it, maybe there is something I´m just missing.. Thanks in advance. Regards Paxi
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    new german apple blog

    Ein Kollege hat mir die Seite kürzlich gezeigt.. aufjedenfall einen Besuch wert
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    I totally agree that rs got and worse and worse.. but i think they had to do this step since rs is the most common filehoster and probably the traffic just got too much to handle. Almost everything is uploaded to rs and if everybody who is using a prem acc is downloading 24/7, their server probably couldn´t handle the traffic anymore. But thats just my guess, maybe they only wanted to get you two prem acc´s to spend more money^^
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    Overclockintosh - GA-EP45-UD3R

    OC´ing a core i7 system is a bit differnent than ocing a typical Intel System since the FSB got replaced with the BCLK. The procedure is about the same though. Frequency = BCLK*Multiplier. Use to lowest Uncore Frequency possible first to be sure it´s not the limiting factor and test what your CPU is capable of. Highering the voltage is probably not need for a little oc, and you shouldn´t go higher than 1,35V and 1,3VTT with air cooling anyway. And of course check your temps and stability with a torture test afterwards (fe Prime95)... Anyway, i guess thats not the right thread accoring to the Title and you should make some research before asking a questions like "how can i oc my system?..."
  5. I envy you guys.. i´m still stuck with a 2mbit connection
  6. Afaik the ATI Crossfire application profile is used for driver specific Crossfire driver profiles for games. They were previously included in the driver and can be updated if needed. But you don´t have to configure them, the drivers do the rest. For example there is coming an application profile for Bad Company 2 too with some tweaks/fixes to get you better performance with CrossfireX enabled. OC is still done with the ATI Overdrive Feature or some other app like MSI Afterburner or Rivatuner.