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    [GUIDE] HP Mini 110

    Try booting in verbose mode and tell us what is the last message u r getting, to boot in verbose mode type -v U can see another guide here http://msarun.wordpress.com/ This is the problem with insyde bios... boot with cpus=1 you should be able to go inside with 1 core. After that change the kernel with legacy one by netkas. Pls post here in case you need more help
  2. Arun M S

    GMA 3150

    What is the exact problem you r facing with iAtkos 10.6.3.... boot with -v and check the message during kernel panic... in iAtkos, select patched kernel for atom and try to boot with cpus=1 first Post your results here, i will try to help you. In my HP mini(gma 3150) i have installed iAtkos, updated to 10.6.4 and now running with gma recognition (thanks to meklort).
  3. Arun M S

    Does any one know if this card works with OS X

    It works with Snow Leopard 10.6.5 onwards. What you can do is copy AR9285 kext from 10.6.5 and paste it in ur system. Wifi works, i have not tried Bluetooth. The chip inside AR9002WB is AR9285 !
  4. Arun M S

    OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.x on HP Mini 110-3030NR?

    I tried iDeneb already on my HP mini 110-33xx and it was cool. except wifi and grahics all other were great. But wifi can work work SL. Again its up to you whether to try OS X or not. Better not to try if you are afraid about messing up exsisting installation. Always you can recover win7 using hp recovery partition if u take little care during partition.... still its tricky to get win 7 back, but u can find it easily on google how to fix MBR.