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  1. Ndiswrapper...

    the SiS900 network card...
  2. IOPCCardBridge Start Failed

    post a screenshot let us see what what happens during boot... J.
  3. IOPCCardBridge Start Failed

    Look carefully at the boot in verbose mode (-v at boot) check to see what is causing the kernel panic, then remove it from the extensions folder with MacDrive or Vmware
  4. SiS900

    sis900 is a no-go...
  5. Medion FIM 2030 Success

    The SIS7012 problem has been solved... search SiS 7012 in these forums for an answer, its a pretty long thread... good luck I'm still in despirate need of a solution for my SiS 900 Network card. my SiS USB 7001/2 is also not functional.
  6. hi, I have no working USB, I had to move the AppleUSBEHCI and AppleUSBOHCI from my IOPUSBfamily.kext to resolve a kernel panic at boot. in windows System information says I am using SiS 7001 drivers for my USB. I have a SiS 645DX Motherboard. my laptop is a PackardBell iPower 5542, I got the SiS 7012 sound working, but the SiS 900 Network card is not functioning/not recognised...
  7. Chipset Sis

    SiS 7012! http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=16404 look here, it will work if you read the thread, from roughly page 3 onward. follow what robin1973 says his quick simple guide worked for my audio device, you need to download that sis7012.zip located in this thread.... somewhere (last pages)
  8. IOPCCardBridge Start Failed

    wow, a ray of hope, I definately give this one a thouououghough try! EDIT: well guys, I now have a booting Mac OS X.4.6 with some disabled kexts. Specifically IOPCARDBRIDGE, AppleUSBEHCI and AppleUSBOHCI were crashing my computer on boot. moved them out of my extensions folder on the advice of BugsBunny... and I'm now logged into OS X with everything seemingly running ok. except without USB support and PCMCIA... for now.... My Ethernet Card is also not recognised (but I will search the forum for answers) I could not find IOPCardBridge.kext so I moved IOPCardFamily.kext and that solve the IOPCARD probelm. do not try this on 10.4.8 installations, as bugsbunny already described that there are dependancy issues in 10.4.8 and above. Thankyou BugsBunny for posting the info on how to work around this problem.
  9. IOPCCardBridge Start Failed

    In my case I am unable to even boot from the JaS install DVD, I have sucessfully done so with VMware, but My installation won't run native stylee. psionic, as I understand it you are able to boot from the JaS Installation DVD? If so, there is still hope for you. I don't have a solution as yet, but has anyone been having these problems with the Goatsecx install DVD? (10.4.6) I am going to try my luck with Goatsecx see if I get in on that way. (bad joke) anyway, my LED of my hard disk switches off after the error, but I am not sure if it keeps spinning because it a very quiet hard disk. EDIT: Iceman, I think It could be any number of problems, its just that a kernel panic is recieved at the time of loading IOPCardBridge, doesn't mean to say IOPCarBridge (driver or whatever) is the cause of the problem. It may be possible that we are all having very different problems but our computers are not telling us everything. the computers probably crash there, but the cause is not easily identifiable. J.
  10. IOPCCardBridge Start Failed

    funny does your Hard Disk keep spinning? I looked again at my comp... my hard drive LED doesn't stay on when the crash occurs. I updated my 10.4.6 to 10.4.7 and now when I run it in VMWARE its crashing all the time, probably a faulty update though, or a low memory issue... do we know for a fact that 10.4.1 works on laptops effected by this issue? what about 10.4.1-3? J. EDIT: My JaS 10.4.6 DVD (10.4.4 with two updates) crashes with the same error when I try to start up from it. Psionic68, is your laptop able to boot from the install DVD?
  11. IOPCCardBridge Start Failed

    just like to post that I also have the same problem, my HD led stays on. using a PackardBell iPower 5542. I bought this laptop just to run OS X86, Damn!
  12. iopccardbridge fail error

    I am also buggard by this problem, I'm using VMware to boot at the moment. I looked in a Darwin forum about removing this driver from the disk, maybe this could solve it, I may try... Joao.