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  1. Jetta VR6 6Spd

    Working Wireless (USB and Ralink)

    For anyone interested in an ebay sourced mini-pci broadcom card: http://cgi.ebay.com/New-Dell-TrueMobile-14...1QQcmdZViewItem
  2. Jetta VR6 6Spd

    patching dev dvd from ubuntu live

    The earlier releases of hfsplus support for linux only supported a read only mount. The updated releases will allow you to read and write. You probably mounted the partition just fine, its just the version of hfsplus support that you are using. This is similar to the progress of ntfs support in linux from a while back.
  3. Jetta VR6 6Spd

    Most Successful Combination

    Just so people can see what combinations have been the most successful overall. This should give us an idea of the best solution in general, independant from the hardware being used. If your setup is unique for some reason, please explain. Thanks, BJ
  4. Jetta VR6 6Spd

    a lot of "death screens"

    All of the error logs should hold their information until you delete them. So just make note of the time and you should be able to scroll back into the log to see if it recorded any information before it crashed. You may want to wait a few minutes before you reboot so you can distinguish between boot errors and crash errors. Another thing, look to see if anyone else is running hardware similar or the same as yours (P4, IDE, & VIA chipset). They may have more insight to this problem.
  5. Jetta VR6 6Spd

    patching dev dvd from ubuntu live

    Ubuntu is a linux distro, so the commands are the same as any other linux distro. The thing you need to figure out is if the kernel has support for hfsplus filesystems. You can try this command, if it works then your kernel has the proper extensions to load hfsplus partitions. mount -t hfsplus /dev/hda /mnt/hfsplusdrive If this does not work... You will have to add hfsplus support to the kernel first. I do know that Fedora Core 4 has built in support for hfsplus partitons. So if you have room to install Fedora as a dual boot OS then this would be an extremely useful option. Not to mention, Fedora Core 4 is pretty good itself. Here is a project at SourceForge that relates to this topic: http://sourceforge.net/projects/linux-hfsplus
  6. Jetta VR6 6Spd

    a lot of "death screens"

    This seems to be a interesting problem. Do you know what version of the oah750d file you are using? Look here for some reference on identifying it: http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?ac...&st=0#entry4994
  7. When dealing with these files in the future try to use MD5's as a reference. Files sizes are very difficult to use to identify files. Here is a post with informations and many of the MD5's calculated: http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?ac...&st=0#entry4994 Good Luck.
  8. Jetta VR6 6Spd

    i had problems installing osx so...

    This is something you need to research and find yourself. There are tons of links out there to whatever you are looking for. I think it has been clearly stated that it is not proper to ask for files or links to files in these forums. Sorry, but nothing is hard to find on the internet these days. Good luck.
  9. Jetta VR6 6Spd


    I noticed that during my boot up one of the things that fails, shows these lines: IOPCCard info: Intel PCIC probe: not found. IOPCCardBridge::start failed I'm thinking this is why my wireless card and network card are failing to work properly?? I assume they are connected to this part of the system. Does anyone else have this problem, and if so what all works on your machine?
  10. Jetta VR6 6Spd

    how to unpatch correctly...

    Yes, this seems to be correct for your setup. The oah750d is for the TPM so you are correct in keeping that. The rest shouldn't be needed with SSE3 CPUs. Congrats on getting an SSE3 chip.
  11. Jetta VR6 6Spd

    Hard Drive Free Space Gone!!!

    You can limit the size of the swap file. But I wouldn't advise deleting it. Removing the swap file completely is only acceptable on machines with an abundance of RAM (1GB min, 2GB+ rec), and no programs that require a swap file (eg. games). NOTE: You will have to reboot when you are done, so don't try this while in the middle of something. Heres how (but be careful): Right click on "My Computer" click properties click the "Advanced" tab in the "Perfomance" block click "Settings" click the "Advanced" tab in the "Virtual Memory" block click "Change" Now that you are here, if you don't understand what this is, you should think twice about playing with it. Usually the swap file is on the same partition as the windows install. In the "Paging file size for the selected drive" block it shows your current swap file info. If "System Managed Size" is selected, Select "Custom." Set the "Initial Size" to twice the amount of physical RAM you have. (ie. if you have 512MB of RAM, set it to 1024) This is usually acceptable for anyone with less than 1GB of RAM. Set the "Maximum Size" to something close to 3 times the amount of Physical RAM you have. click the "Set" button click the "OK" button 3 times to exit out completely. A window may pop tell you to reboot. Reboot whenever it tells you if it comes before you exit out completely. If you have any questions let me know. In the other case that this is already restricted to a specific size, you're gonna have to figure out what is eating your HDD.
  12. Jetta VR6 6Spd

    WiFi or Bluetooth

    Is this a built in Wireless? If so what machine? details please.
  13. Jetta VR6 6Spd

    What files are what now??

    I hope this helps to clear up some of the confusion. For those of you that have never heard of an MD5 sum, they are very useful and easy to use. An md5 sum allows you to identify a file without having to actually open the file and compare every character. It generates a unique code based on the file you provide to it. To execute an MD5 sum on OS X: md5 <filename> To execute an MD5 sum on windows: You need a program to do it (not included with windows as far as I know). I have been using winMD5. It install right into your "Send to" menu for easy access. It take a while depending on the file size. A 2GB ISO make take 30 seconds. Smaller files should be almost instant. But dont think that the program doesnt work if it doesn't pop up instantly. To execute an MD5 on Linux: Varies depending on disto ... try "md5" or "md5sum" Here is a list of MD5's that I have generate for you to compare again so you don't have to go and do them all to figure out which you have. MD5 sums of the different Release versions. This should help to make sure people are using the proper sets of files. MD5 (oah750.v0.4) = 5e0610f1c480e011d3c843157b4ca781 MD5 (oah750.v0.2) = 5e0610f1c480e011d3c843157b4ca781 MD5 (oah750.v0.3) = f05e3db7d9b57c85c63e144953b4070c MD5 (oah750d.v0.4) = 4334a5f2c8a4d18e289713fc7e2693f8 MD5 (oah750d.dm) = 4334a5f2c8a4d18e289713fc7e2693f8 MD5 (oah750d.v0.2) = b974161b384a1edce41f17583d44d783 MD5 (oah750d.v0.3) = b974161b384a1edce41f17583d44d783 MD5 (libSystem.B.dylib.v0.4) = 38bc57b0ac93fa6753a4bd08b1b7c9a3 MD5 (libSystem.B.dylib.v0.2) = 38bc57b0ac93fa6753a4bd08b1b7c9a3 MD5 (libSystem.B.dylib.v0.3) = fd7b154eee219df411e2f33ab7868b5c MD5 (mach_kernel.v0.4_1) = 92d8e9dd1e1132deffc48baae789f29d MD5 (mach_kernel.v0.4) = 76d3e32009f4c199343454ba2154715b MD5 (mach_kernel.v0.3) = a07c3fc95a1f53530666ff33805d083e MD5 (mach_kernel.v0.2) = 7b74786045497321c22016bc193d439c MD5 (CoreGraphics.v0.4) = 1b02362228dbc303da6e75948c464459 MD5 (CoreGraphics.v0.2) = 1b02362228dbc303da6e75948c464459 MD5 (CoreGraphics.v0.3) = 9f87ca9f1d420f110b4b7f8300d9a752 MD5 (CoreGraphics.orig) = e4f8a3bdb9f7b6d0d79d46eb2cf21585 The extensions should help identify the versions. *.v0.4_1 is a small update of v0.4 *.v0.4 are from versions 0.4 of the release. *.v0.3 are from versions 0.3 of the release. *.v0.2 are from versions 0.2 of the release. *.dm are from the original dm image. *.orig no explanation is needed If I have made any mistakes here let me know. Questions Welcome.
  14. Jetta VR6 6Spd

    ECX_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001) crashes?

    Congratulations I wish I had a machine with SSE3. Let us know if you have any other problems. Run it in as many configurations and combinations (ie try to break it). Then let us know what you did to break it. So we can make it better.
  15. Jetta VR6 6Spd

    Where is os X86 ? I can`t find it ! help me !

    Torrents are actually the fastest way to get this right now. They will peak at extremely high speeds, you just have to wait a little bit, maybe a day. I know it sucks, but everyone that has it running right now has done it so far.