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  1. Chameleon Won't Recognize Hard Disk

    You need to enable ACHI in BIOS, to see HDD in disk utility SATA AHCI Mode [AHCI] SATA Port0-3 Native Mode [Enabled] USB Controller [Enabled] USB 2.0 Controller [Enabled] Azalia Codec [Auto] Onboard H/W LAN [Enabled] 2. Power Management Setup ACPI Suspend Type [s3(STR)] HPET Support [Enabled] HPET Mode [64-bit mode]
  2. Hi blackOSX, I folow your guide. I could boot from USB, but when I am on the installer, it couldn`t see any drive. Do you know why? Mine is GA-P35-DS3L and have a DSDT file for that mother. Help me please.
  3. Hey kabil, I downloaded the mod.Bios from your web) ASrok wolfdale 1333-D667 How I flash the mod. Bios From Windows ? Do you have a guide or a step by step. Sorry I am a noobie THX
  4. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Thnx Taruga and other guys !!! My Dell Inspiron E1505/640M go fully working, With sound !!!!!!!! Can anybody write a text, to copy and paste for Terminal to re-map AppleHDA Info.plist, because the patcher had mapped my mic node to 0x0f, where there was nothing at , I need to re-map it to 0x10. Delete the cache and repair permissions. I'm newbie in Terminal. Thnx !!!
  5. 10.4.7 USB 2.0 **FIXED**

    In my Dell Inspiron E1405/640m works great. Thx !!
  6. Thx is a great job¡¡¡ Works perfect on my Dell Inspiron 640 m ¡,83 Ghz Core Duo Update JaS 10.4.7
  7. Dell E1405

    I have one. OSX86 runs smooth and superfast, but no sound(no drivers yet for sigmatel 9200), no wireless(need to use a usb one o a DEll 1390) and somes issues dont work in usb.And works only core solo(have to disable 1 core in Bios) My recomendation: buy a good noteboock with core solo, and a soundcard that works on OSX86.
  8. inspiron 6400 issues

    I have a Inspiron to. Go to System Preferences- Energy saver, and in sleep: Put the computer to sleep: never Only put the screen on sleep.
  9. The Terminal :)

    Rammjet, I'm new in terms of Terminal. I instaled OSX10.4.6 and the update Jas 10.4.7 on my Dell Inspiron 640m, 1,83 Ghz Duo Core, Intel 945 GM Express with Sigmatel Stack 9200 Works great but without sound, I try to do the Audio guide in OSx86 project but couldn't. put de Vendor ID and device ID in the kext. Could you try to explain me, the way Vendor ID 8384 Device ID 7690 0x83847690 Thx