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  1. Windows XP Outperforming Vista and 7?

    Of course, we all know how Vista turned out. Haunted by poor performance in everything from games to disk access to networking, Vista is widely considered to be Microsoft’s biggest failure. Nonetheless, Vista laid the groundwork for a host of new technologies, all absolutely vital to pushing Windows into the 21st century. Vista’s new, modern driver architecture was designed to move core functionality from the kernel (where any instability can bring down the whole system) to user space—an absolutely necessary development. Likewise, Vista’s proper enforcement of permissions for both users and applications enhanced security, even though UAC remains very annoying. And once vendors fixed their driver flaws and Microsoft squashed some underlying bugs, Vista morphed into an entirely workable operating system, even if we still wouldn’t describe it as “good.”
  2. Installing OSX on Compaq

    A dual inline memory module (DIMM) consists of a number of memory components (usually black) that are attached to a printed circuit board (usually green). The gold pins on the bottom of the DIMM provide a connection between the module and a socket on a larger printed circuit board. The pins on the front and back of a DIMM are not connected to each other. 184-pin DIMMs are used to provide DDR SDRAM memory for desktop computers. Standard 184-pin DIMMs are available in PC1600 DDR SDRAM, PC2100 DDR SDRAM, PC2700 DDR SDRAM, and PC3200 DDR SDRAM. To use DDR memory, your system motherboard must have 184-pin DIMM slots and a DDR-enabled chipset. A DDR SDRAM DIMM will not fit into a standard SDRAM DIMM socket. (Information about which memory technology your system uses is included in the Crucial Memory Advisor™ tool.) The number of black components on a 184-pin DIMM can vary, but it always has 92 pins on the front and 92 pins on the back, for a total of 184. 184-pin DIMMs are approximately 5.25 inches long and 1.25 inches high, though the heights can vary. While 184-pin DIMMs and 168-pin DIMMs are approximately the same size, 184-pin DIMMs have only one notch within the row of pins.
  3. Safari 4.0.5 is out

    The Safari 4.0.5 is comparatively faster than it's predecessors , it has also got a good reviews of it's software update: Apple has released Safari 4.0.5, which brings a number of performance enhancements and bug fixes to Apple's browser. According to the updater, the following has been addressed: Performance improvements for Top Sites Stability improvements for 3rd-party plug-ins Stability improvements for websites with online forms and Scalable Vector Graphics Fixes an issue that prevented Safari from changing settings on some Linksys routers Fixes an issue that prevented some iWork.com users from commenting on documents