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    system 7 on pc?

    Believe me, I would have made my own topic if I could have. If you ask me, making it so new people can create new topics only after five posts will only lead to offtopic posts like mine, more than anything else. But back onto my own topic... () Anything other than SoftMac sounds good to me. Although, it seems like Basilisk II is near-dead, since a lot of links I followed for it are down. I did manage to get my hands on a version of it, so I will give it a try. And thank you very much for the option of PMing you, I don't get that from a lot of people.
  2. I believe that they can control CrossFireX settings based on whatever application you have running at the time. For example, if you want to run an intenseive game, you can have it auto over-clock your GPU(s) for better gaming experience. And sorry that I posted before the quote, firefox seems to have an issue with this website where it doesn't show my cursor at all.
  3. TGP1994

    system 7 on pc?

    Sorry if I'm off track here, (I can't create my own topics ) but I have gotten my hands on some OS 7.5.3 floppy images, and I have no idea what to do with them. I have SoftMac, but I'm a little confused as to how I should mount the floppies. Well, it seems like straight up mounting them doesn't work. (It has a problem with my BIOS ROM as well, saying Unable to install ROM when using a Quadra rom) Thanks for any help.