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  1. Thank you! Grub now boots the mac os. The new question is how to get rid of GRUB and ubuntu ))
  2. It's version 2 GRUB, it automatically determines boot partitions. There is Mac OS X in the grub list, but it does not boot. I don't want to have linux, grub, etc. any more! ps Sorry for my English)))
  3. Hello all! I used pre-prepared hdd image of SL 10.6.3 for MSI Wind u100. It's GUID and uses EFI partition to boot vanilla kernel. It worked OK and updated to 10.6.4 w\o problems. But once I needed to hide this unlegal OS and installed uduntu at other partition. Now I have grub which certainly does not boot SnowLeo. Does anyone have any idea how to recover SnowLeo?