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  1. iATKOS L2 freezes at apple logo

    I've the same issue, can only boot in safe mode, By deleting AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer and AppleIntelSNBGraphics i can boot in normal but then Intel HD graphics 3000 do not load. Processor : Intel core i3 2100 Motherboard : Intel Dh67CL Disrto : iAtkos l2 Possible solutions on different forums. 1. npci=0x2000 2. PCIROOTUID=1 but both not working.
  2. i forgot to mentioned that you can easily upgrade to 10.6.2 using Combo update but before restart don't forget to install Legacy Kernel 10.2.0. you can download it from http://www.kexts.com/view/157-10.6.2_kerne..._-pentium4.html i tried to upgrade to 10.6.3 using the same way but it stuck and hav to reinstall again. any help would be appreciated .
  3. i3 330m Dell Inspiron 1564

    yeah , it is mentioned on apple site that new series of mac book contains core i5 and core i7 with both Nvidia and Intel HD Graphics, core i5 has integrated graphic core like i3, so lets hope we would get Intel HD Graphics Workin soon
  4. i3 330m Dell Inspiron 1564

    yups , check this post http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t=#entry1445047
  5. i've able to install Snow Leopard on Dell Inspiron 1564 (Intel HD Graphic) using SnowLeo SnowLeopard, you can find it at Piratebay, its has modified kernels for Intel Pentium4 , Intel Atom, and for AMD. Pcj XNU and chocolate kernel both are working on this machine. Don't forget to add busratio=20 flag and after finishing installation, when boot for first time add -v -x , otherwise boot may stuck. to avoid writing busratio flag everytime , add this to com.apple.boot.plist one more thing, dvd doesn't contains kexts for this system, so before installation download all these kexts from kexts.com For Wifi : Broadcom Audio : VoodooHDA 2.56 LAN : RealtekR1000 Bluetooth : Dell BluetoothHCI 1.2 Happy Hackintoshing !
  6. i3 330m Dell Inspiron 1564

    try with IDeneb 1.4 with kernel SSE3 patched by Modbin its workin fine for me , Good Luck
  7. i've already been there at tonymacx86 forums but unfortunately they don't support Intel HD graphics but i found a post there where a user able to install SL on the same machine as mine http://www.tonymacx86.com/viewtopic.php?f=...mp;p=8113#p8113 but for me Boot-132 and tonymacx86 both stuck at kernel panic, also i tried with this string but results the same meanwhile i'm able to install Leopard 10.5.6 using IDeneb 1.4 and its workin pretty fine with Kernel_SS3 patched by Modbin. Surprisingly i don't have to add busratio flag even while booting with dvd. hope i'll able to install Snow Leopard too , need ur help ppl
  8. well i booted with the CD and then SL but i'm stuck with this screen and this is the same screen i'm getting since i start trying to install MAC i forgot to mention that , i've Dell Inspiron 1564 with Intel HD Graphics
  9. thanx, its downloading now , do i hav to follow anyother instruction to use this cd, or just boot with it and replace with SL dvd ???
  10. This file is neither allocated to a Premium Account, or a Collector's Account, and can therefore only be downloaded 10 times can you pls upload this file to anyother location ? Thanx
  11. i3 330m Dell Inspiron 1564

    i've tried both , but none of them work, both result in kernel panic . . .
  12. i3 330m Dell Inspiron 1564

    Congratz I've the same system but with Ideneb 10.5.8, after this screen, system reboot and with Snow Leopard Universal 10.6 the system stuck at this problem
  13. i3 330m Dell Inspiron 1564

    i've core i3 2.13 Ghz with IntelHD Graphics. . . i saw ur post on tonymacx86 , i think u too hav the same ??
  14. i3 330m Dell Inspiron 1564

    thanx i'm able to install but after restarting it stuck at BSD process name corresponding to current thread:unknown Mac OS version: Not yetr set Kernel Version: Darwin Kernel Version 10.0.0: Mon OCt 12 04:06:05 AST 2009; anappirtrvh:xnu-1456.1226/BUILD/obj/RELEASE_I386 Systemuptime in nanoseconds : 3052524313
  15. i3 330m Dell Inspiron 1564

    i was able to install using IDeneb 10.4, straight forward boot and Installation but after installation system keep rebooting again and again IPC 10.5.6, IDeneb 10.5 and 10.6 Lite Edition, SnowOsx Universal 10.6 all keep rebooting ... i've Dell Inspiron 1564 and desperatly waiting for your post , till than i'm trying tonymacx86 boot cd method ...