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  1. Snow Leopard on VAIO P(VGN-P90HS) working!

    Ok, guys. Who are ready to pay for gma500 driver with ci/qe working? Anyone ready to write it from scratch? Take my $100 for that. Anyone else?
  2. Snow Leopard on VAIO P(VGN-P90HS) working!

    Hi guys, I don't know if it helps, but I found interesting resourses on Intel web site while trying to get DXVA working on Asus 1101HA with windows xp installed. I found that default drivers (even latest) didn't support DXVA, but there is an SDK for embedded systems, and I was able to compile the new driver for XP supporting DXVA. Also I noticed the new driver even supports OpenGL 1.0-1.3 and 2.0-2.1 with good perfomance on 1.x. My 1101HA can play 1080p movies without any problems with 30-40% CPU loads! Wow! Ok, this SDK called IEGD and can be found here: http://edc.intel.com/Software/Downloads/IEGD/#overview We have many choices of operating systems to compile to. Maybe someone can find it helpful to compile MacOS X version of this driver for us?
  3. Snow Leopard on VAIO P(VGN-P90HS) working!

    I'm here looking for QE/CI. Anyone can develop a working video driver with QE/CI support?
  4. Snow Leopard on VAIO P(VGN-P90HS) working!

    Hi guys, I'm installing 10.6 retail to my Vaio P. I've copied retail dvd files to gparted usb stick, updated it with all .kexts from post #1, also copied /Extra folder, installed latest Chameleon via dd in linux. So, I have a bootable install usb stick and everything goes well. One strange thing: with -v option I got a kernel panic "mis-match of kernel and CPU PM". Everything works ok without any startup options. Just want to understand this issue. Thanks