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  1. [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on eeepc 901

    Installed 10.6.1 using mk500's guide. Sleep works perfectly when SL booted from external USB HDD. However, sleep does not work when the internal HDD is used to boot 10.6.1 (same disk image as external USB HDD). Note:SSDs removed and replaced with Samsung HS082HB HDD (uses Mini PCI-e to ZIF adapter). Also, booted from original SSD and got same same sleep problem as when booting from internal HDD - screen goes black, system lights remain on. It's curious that the 901 will sleep when booted from external USB HDD (even puts internal HDD to sleep). Any idea why this would happen?
  2. DFI's Shiny New MI P55 T36 MINI-ITX (!) Board

    System up and running now. I could not get Part III, step 4 to work initially. The Chameleon bootloader produced the error "cannot find mach_kernel". Found that connecting both USB drives, setting the boot USB drive as 1st in boot priority, disabling the SATA HD and setting SATA on AHCI worked. Some errors during SL install noted below from installation log: 1. No or invalid system receipts 2. Error writing cache to .../Library/Caches/com.plist.FindSystemFiles.plist The full install proceeded without any errors between -----Begin Install----- and -----End Install------ The system restarted after completion - did not load into SL. The HD shows up in Chameleon bootloader now. EDIT: HD enabled in BIOS, as is LAN and audio. When HD selected from Chameleon bootloader system resets shortly after loading starts.
  3. DFI's Shiny New MI P55 T36 MINI-ITX (!) Board

    Thanks. I'll run through the procedure again just to make sure it worked.
  4. DFI's Shiny New MI P55 T36 MINI-ITX (!) Board

    Thanks for the update. I used unpkg to get 10.6.2 mach_kernel from the 10.6.2 combo update. Will be a few days before I get the system up and running to complete Part III. Will be in touch then.
  5. DFI's Shiny New MI P55 T36 MINI-ITX (!) Board

    thanks. I do have a mac and would be interested in the USB method you have used. thanks again.
  6. DFI's Shiny New MI P55 T36 MINI-ITX (!) Board

    Looking to use the DSDT file you posted but have not used Tony's Boot CD before. Any further info worth knowing? Such as BIOS settings (other than those listed under Troubleshooting Tips on Tony's blog?). Or is it simply a case of replacing the DSDT.aml in Preboot.dmg with yours, recreating the ISO and going from there?