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  1. Im doing development in OSX/Iphone on my macbook, but i would like to streamling the build/testing process and offload this task to a powerfull server. Mac Pro is too expensive, mac mini has limited specs and even at that its over $500. Even used previous generation Mac Pro cannot be found for under $900. Im considering either buying an off-the-shelf dell/hp or building one with components that would fully support OSX86 Snow Leopard releases. I looked at http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCL_10.6.2 and found a list of motherboards and graphics card, but i would like your input on actually combining all the right parts Also if there is a good, supported mothrboard that has everything working out of the box(including video -- its a build server, not game machine) that would be awesome I could of course go with a cheapo nvidia card, but integrated would be cheaper and better
  2. Amazing build, can you comment whether onboard things worked out of the box? network, sound, etc
  3. Was buying this worth it?

    Youre going to invest into obsolete platform and then waste time and effort to upgrade it to another obsolete platform? I think its a swell idea
  4. iPAD

    Since I bought a apple stock a month ago at $195, the run up in stock will have paid for the ipad few times over
  5. adding memory

    Well like the guy above said it only supports up to 6gb RAM: 2 GB, expandable to 6 GB using PC2-5300 DDR2 RAM According to LowendMac profile: http://lowendmac.com/macbookpro/15in-macbo...o-feb-2008.html
  6. New Macbook Pro Line

    try to say hexacore 5 times in a row
  7. Network HDD - Mac OS X 10.6

    just a FYI, most of the time you have no control of what filesystem NAS supports, its up to NAS manufacturer. For cheapo-nas devices, its ext2/ext3 most of the time and you see it over SMB layer. Any issues you might have encountered is probably due to either problem with the NAS hardware or network issues. Thats the price of file abstraction -- problems could arise on many layers