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  1. Hahaha on the next boot I booted just fine. Sweet! Still no ability to up the screen resolution though... Will my system be functional if I upgrade to lion using this method? One more thing; on the install of chameleon, as OS X is installed to a secondary hard drive, how should I modify the commands on the readme that comes with v2.0 RC4? Also, is there anywhere that I can donate to you? I'd like to buy you a cup of coffee
  2. I'm using the Mod CD to boot from my secondary hard drive that holds the OS X installation, as I couldn't figure out how to install Chameleon from a .tar.gz. Okay I ran the commands verbatim, and now I've got this. Progress, right?
  3. Sad day. I dragged the GeForce kext you linked into Kext Utility and on the next boot it KP'd. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I'm right on the edge of giving up.
  4. I don't see DEV_, but here's the VEN_ info: * Windows Description - Intel(R) WiFi Link 1000 BGN * Hardware ID - VEN_8086&DEV_0083&SUBSYS_13258086&REV_00 Edit: wow didn't see the DEV_ in there, but it's there. Silly me. Edit 2: How do I install .kexts? Is there any easy way?
  5. Excuse my ignorance, but how does one find a device ID? Here's a screenshot of the networking section of the utility you provided in the original post.
  6. So everything is working good now except for my Broadcom Wifi and my nVidia GeForce GT 435m. Installing the things in that package you compiled didn't seem to change anything. My resolution is set quite lower than how it should be, as there's only one option in the display settings tab. How can I force a higher resolution?
  7. I could boot from the nawcom CD that let me boot into the installation disc in the first place right? Just select the HDD? And then install Chameleon from there?
  8. Can I install Chameleon from Windows?
  9. Okay awesome. I got my hands on a 10.6.3 disk and the install went PERFECTLY. Only problem is I installed it to a completely seperate hard drive, and I'm not sure EasyBCD is capable of booting to separate hard drives... What could I do? I have not been able to boot into the OS yet post install.
  10. I got the disc from a friend, the box says 10.6.3, it came with two discs inside and a lot of documentation. Disc 1 says "Mac Pro Mac OS X Install Disc 1 Mac OS version 10.5.2 AHT version 3A146 Disc version 1.2" I also do not have AMD, I have an intel i5 and an nVidia GeForce 435m.
  11. I'm using the OSX86 ModCD you linked in the original post. How can I get around mach_kernel? How would I load other kernels?
  12. Ah I apologize, I said that off of memory and remembered falsely. (Thanks for the blazing fast response by the way, you're the best). I tried it after that post and it said it was starting Darwin x86 as in the picture, and then it proceeded to simply reboot into Windows. Should I make it boot back into the retail OS X disc?
  13. It instantly says that it can't find mach_kernel
  14. I'm running a Dell XPS L701x with an i5, nVidia 435m, 4 gigs ram, two HDDs (one of them is completely blank, I'll be using that one 100% for this installation); however, when I try to boot past the nawcom disc it instantly panics. I've tried to start threads about this in the past, but moderators would link me to an XPS thread started way back in 2010 that was no help at all and then they'd delete my post before any help was provided. But I digress. I have attached an image of the kernel panic that I have been receiving, as I have no idea how to read it. Hopefully I can learn my way around hackintosh and be one of the primary devs someday, as I'm totally up for the job. If you need any more information about my system I'll be monitoring this thread like a hawk. Thanks
  15. [GUIDE] Dell L701X (xps 17 late 2010)

    Here's a picture of the KP itself