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  1. Reboot loop

    So do I have to add the kext to the NawcomMod usb/chameleon etc. or do I have to delete it? I added AppleACPIPlatform.kext to the extra folder of Chameleon. Now it loads kexts, but then i get a black screen and nothing else happens..... I already added GMA950 kexts to the extra folder
  2. Reboot loop

    At the moment I have installed JaS 10.4.6 on my old PC (see signature) I want to upgrade it to 10.6 retail. So made a Mac OSX10.6 Myhack install USB. When I select it as bootdisk, I get the bootscreen, but when i boot with -v, it starts, i see the kexts loading, but then my PC reboots. So I tried to restore a Mac OSX10.6 DMG to a partition on the second HDD, install Chameleon to it. Again a reboot loop. I have tried to boot with -v -x -f arch=i386 cpus=1. I can see al the kexts loading, no hangs etc. then a black screen for a short time, reboot And I tried it again; so a restore of Mac OSX10.6 DMG to a partition, but then i burned a Nawcom ModCD. I Boot from it, then select the install DMG partition with -v -f arch=i386. But again I get the reboot loop There are no PCI cards installed. So what can it be? BTW; It is a Intel Celeron D336 CPU and JaS works perfect (even sleep/wake and graphics)
  3. Graphics only work in safe boot

    I searched in the hcl to this motherboard and it came out that JaS 10.4.6 the most compatible is. The hardware isn't very powerful (intel celeron, 1.5gb ram) Would it be better to remove the intel gma Kexts that I have installed?
  4. Today I installed JaS 10.4.6 on my old PC. It's a 945 chipset PC. I installed the gma900 patch of the JaS install DVD. The video chip is a GMA950 But the graphics work only in safe boot. In normal boot I get a scrambled display. So why does my video only work in safe boot?
  5. Hello How can I install Mac OSX86 on my Asus P5QPL-AM? Specs: 1GB Ram Asus P5QPL-AM IDE harddisk IDE DVD drive standard videocard I have installed via VMware OSX on a USB stick, but i dont know how to boot it! Who else installed Mac OSX86 on this motherboard with the same configuration?