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  1. general failure on my first attempted install here. got farther than i thought i would and even thought it was a go until i got this: http://img710.imageshack.us/img710/7823/img5375u.jpg http://img534.imageshack.us/img534/9686/img5374m.jpg i am attempting this install on a p5n-d which it seems is somewhat of a board of concern. i am going to try kalyway in a little bit but could anyone give me any advice ? thanks !!
  2. merajj

    nikon d40?

    necro from hell ? this thread was made in 2007 :]
  3. merajj

    Panaramic Shots?

    thanks for the links, i havent tried one of those yet ! i have only done normal pano's, for which photoshop does the trick perfectly :]
  4. merajj

    Your Greatest Photos

    current favorites: flickr :]
  5. i am so far not amused by it, and i dont see how not supporting flash could be considered a plus because its on the way out. its pretty big NOW and thats whats important. that would have been like saying not supporting mp3 is fine since ogg is coming in strong... well kind of similar at least.
  6. i love using the cheap (10/a month) data ! thats about it though. i dont like that i can't get picture messages to work :/