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  1. High CPU Temp

    my intel core 2 duo t7100 is 60-70 at max load and 48-49 idle. obviously you don't get speedstep working so your cpu is working at the max freq all the time you need to delete those voodoopstates, voodoopower and change your mac model to macbookpro5,1 in smbios.plist so you get native speedstep working. also update chameleon to latest rev from trunk. use chameleon wizard for that
  2. Inspiron 1520 won't boot after 10.6.8 upgrade

    Hi, guys. I've been messing with this insprion 1520 for years and now I've got what I say "almost perfect setup" see my signature + my /Extra folder questions welcome p.s. does anyone got that sigmatel 9205 working via AppleHDA patch? I mean with speakers, line out, mic and not so noisy as via VoodooHDA Extra.zip
  3. I've got the same 604Mhz mem speed and I think it depends on SpeedStep. Check your CPU FSB, here is mine
  4. Hi, mozodojo. Really appreciate your work! I've got problem with proper memory and I think CPU detection. I'm using latest trunk build, but w/out p-states and c-states options yet. Take a look, this is speedstep enabled in BIOS: And this is when I disable it: