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  1. I'm still having issues. Can someone please help me out? PM me if you don't want to post here. Thanks.
  2. hey, Im new to the forums. I am having the same issue. Im not quiet sure how to run teh shell script, but I have an SMB NAS that actually has a TimeMachine function on it. I make a folder and told it to become a Time Machine. I set it up, except for the mac address and name. I really want to be able to back both my iMac and Macbook pro on it. Both run 10.6.2, my MBP has backups on an external that I am attempting to move to the server. Im not sure how to fill in teh blanks on the shell script. Terminal is still failry new to me so if someone could PM me with a little more detail. My NAS is a Buffalo Linkstation. Thanks