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  1. nVidia 9800 GT 1GB DDR3

    Hi! My build is: GA Ex58 UD3R PNY NVidia GeForce 9800 GT 1GB OCZ 1600 3 channel Memory 6GB LG sata DVD drive Blue 320 Sata drive Empire x58 EFI install, snow leopard retail- worked great, and the graphics card was doing fine- I ran MyHack and then Kext Utility then rebooted. Now the card is not recognized but I still have like old school VGA graphics working so I can get stuff going on. I also have a MBP on leopard. So I have tried OSX86 tools, and all different kinds of stuff but I cant get it to go back to working. I purposefully bought the card because I read that it would work out of the box. Ideas? Update? I am trying to learn how to do this stuff! sorry for being such a broke noob! I am just a poor old musician trying to run PT LE 8! ___________________________________________________ In the words of Borat "Great Success!" my fix, download the new myHack and run it. fixed alot of my issues but I still want to learn how to mod the bios- and I might need to learn how to use Terminal... for now I am happy!
  2. Okay so I am up and sorta running- GA EX58 UD3R i7 920 6 GB OCZ Memory PNY Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT 1 GB 320 Caviar Blue LG SATA DVD drive so far that is it! I used the Empire EFI X58 disc and finally after several attempts got it loaded and working okay- One issue! at first the graphics card was recognized and working but after reboot and running my hack and Kext Utility and rebooting, it doesnt recognize the card and all attempts to make it happen arent working. I dont know how to install a kext or where to put it, so if someone could help my kook self (to use a surf term) or noob as I have seen I would really appreciate it! I am really pleased about most things- I just want to get the graphics card back to where it was. Should I upgrade? will that fix my issue with the 9800? I had a friend tell me to install the Linux driver and that would work- Thought I would ask here first! Thanks in advance
  3. Hey everyone, First purchase for my first build which will mainly be for audio? The GA EX58 UD3R, this is because of the firewire and I am a Pro Tools kinda guy I also bought 6gb of 1600 memory- was that a mistake? I am going to get my processor, probably a 930 because it is just a few bucks more I am having trouble picking out a case cause I am a kook when it comes to this- Any suggestions for the rest of this build? I am planning on using the Empire EFI build technique, seems really easy I am not a noob to messing around with computer guts, I regularly buy and sell Macbook Pros with problems! SO I built my machine and I cant get into bios- all I have is USB keyboards- so is that the key or did I mess something up? It will let me go to a boot menu but it wont let me go to bios- It always ends up at a enter system disk and hit enter command, no matter what I put in there it nothing goes happens- Is this a SATA DVD drive issue? mine is a Pioneer and said ATA on the box but it definitely hooked up to the IDE??? HELP!
  4. Pro Tools LE issues-

    Kinda thought I ought to post my hardware list so I will- I have one serious question- If Pro Tools LE doesn't support a GUID partition, do I have to use one? or can I just format my drive to a regular old Extended, Journaled drive like I have always done So here is my not so original hardware list GA EX58 UD4P i7 920 6 GB OCZ 1600 8800 GT and a bunch of SATA drives case and whatever stupid DD DVD writer is on sale, and I will probably get two of them-
  5. Pro Tools LE issues-

    Hey! So I have all my stuff on the way and I am basically following putting together an i7 system and Empire EFI and I know I will be looking for answers soon. I noticed there was not a specific Pro Tools LE discussion so I wanted to start one- I know that lots of people have iLok issues- so if you have a fix post it here! Also firewire 400 and 800 support- if you have it working, please share how you did it- I very much want my 5 or 6 firewire 800 drives with all my various clients to work! little scary to think I might have problems! Any other issues with Pro Tools LE 8, I will be happy to try and answer Pro Tools questions, I have been using it a long long time and am well familiar with this program. So hopefully we can all help each other out- I will posting my build and my challenges getting PT LE with my 003R, iLok, large collection of plugins (waves, melodyne, etc.) and my firewire 800 (I require all my new clients to provide me with their own firewire 800 drive with Oxford chipset) Thanks in advance to all who contribute- I have read extensively for the last several months about my build so I am ready to get started!
  6. Apologies for not following the rules! Thanks for all the great info here!
  7. I would like to build a machine similar to your Machine #2- If someone would be so kind as to post a list of what all I need to get started, I have about $750 dollars saved up. Or just point me to one that already exist here- If I can afford an I7 processor then I am game for it, but all I do is Pro Tools on this thing, is it necessary? Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks! I will try to not be annoying and ask a bunch of dumb questions. I will only ask after a great deal of research to make sure that it is not painfully obvious- Thousand thanks!
  9. Hi! After much reading and having a very willing attitude- I decided to dive in I am a Pro Tools LE user, professional home project studio guy and I have just recently sold my old friend, my 2.7 dual G5.... I was beginning to see the light at the end of that tunnel as far as support goes, at least from plugins. So anyhow, due to the fact that I have a bunch of small children, I don't need to spend the money on even a used Mac Pro if I can somehow get PT 8 to work on something I can put together for much less. I am pretty handy with stuff, so I am not scared of building a computer but I was just wondering if PTs LE 8 is known to work with this? and how about my favorite plugy, Waves SSL? I am currently running my whole show off my MacBook Pro that I just got so I have a pretty decent legit Mac, I guess my main worry is I have only used Macs for years and years and I dont know much about PCs and know less about windows except for the occasional live gig where I have to write a patch on an old laptop in Yamaha Studio Manager. I will re read this thread but I was just wondering if you all had an opinion on this! I have the $900 bucks I sold my G5 for and maybe a couple of hundred more if I can unload a preamp- Is that enough loot? Is the build list the same or has it been updated from the beginning of this? I am greatly appreciative of the shared knowledge here!!!